Hung up on Nicole Miller’s Music

It’s easy to get hung up on Nicole Miller’s music. Her music is raw and authentic and will get you in your feels. The singer/songwriter grew up around music, and it became her passion at a young age. Nicole’s single, “Hung up,” was released on July 19, 2019. “Hung Up” is the first single from “Lonely on the Weekend,” an EP to be released later.

The Love of Music

Nicole Miller’s love of music began in West Des Moines, Iowa. She lived and 5 minutes from the farms and 15 minutes from downtown Des Moines. Miller’s parents were into the music scene in Des Moines. Her father played guitar, and her mom was a singer. Nicole said, “They would play in our basement, and I would listen through the rafters and bathroom floor. I always wanted to be just like my mom. That was how I decided I wanted to sing.”

The singer/songwriter also said, “My parents would let me go with them to gigs sometimes. I thought seeing my parents on stage was the coolest thing. I still think they are rockstars.” Nicole would become hung up on music, and we are thankful for her passion.

Nicole Miller is holding a phone rolling her eyes.  She knows she should hang up, but can't because she is hung up on him. This this story behind her first single.
“You know you should hang up, but you care too much.” NM Photo by: Logen Christopher

Nicole’s Journey to Music City

The entry into music and the journey each person takes on their way to Nashville is always exciting. Learning piano was the first step toward Nasvhille for Nicole. Miller said, “I would go to school and come home and play piano for about six hours.” The dedication musicians put into practice is what makes a difference in whether they succeed or fail.

The singer/songwriter would eventually learn to play guitar as well. Nicole said, “I started writing songs after my grandmother died. It was at this time I started to put words and ideas together. I taught myself how to play guitar, on my grandpa’s old guitar so that I could write those songs.” Miller would also continue writing songs on piano.

Nicole would begin playing shows around Des Moines, but people just knew her as Mike and Barb’s daughter. Miller said, “I strived to be better and make a name for myself.” The singer/songwriter would start doing competitive opera and classical music. In addition, she started doing musical theatre.” Upon graduation, Nicole would decide to move to Nashville over New York.

Making a Name for Herself in Nashville

At eighteen years old, Nicole Miller would leave Iowa for Music City. Nicole enrolled at Belmont University to study music business. However, some of her professors and her mom encouraged her to pursue music full time. Nicole said, “Everyone has a path that is right for them, and school was not for me. I spent my time in class booking shows, writing songs, and reading about audio engineering. I was supposed to be learning Psychology.” Nicole decided to leave Belmont after she played some sideshows during CMA Fest. Miller said, “I am grateful for my time at Belmont, and my parents’ belief in me.”

Nicole Miller was fearless when she moved to Nashville, and even if something scared her, she faced it head-on. The singer/songwriter said, ” When you first come to town and don’t know anybody, everything scares you. When everything is scary, doing things that you are afraid of is easier.”

Songwriting vs. Performing

Nicole Miller has become a terrific songwriter. Nicole said, “I have been fortunate to write with people who are better than me, and it has made me a better songwriter.” Every songwriter’s process is different. For Miller, “Ideas come to me while I am driving or taking a shower.” Interestingly, more ideas come to her when she doesn’t have an instrument in her hands.

Each songwriter has different goals for the songs they write. Nicole said, “When I am writing, I want to achieve a feeling in which people can relate. As a singer, the songs I perform have to mean something to me too.” The singer/songwriter believes it is essential for her to reflect continuously on why she started writing. Miller said, “I love to sit in my bedroom floor and write from my true self.”

When you see Nicole Miller sing, the emotions of the songs are on her face. She loves the reactions of the crowd to her music. The singer/songwriter said, “I like to tell stories in my music and to see the audience feel something. Each performance is different no matter how many times you have played those songs.”

Stories Behind the Music

Nicole Miller has released two singles this year. Both of these songs are fantastic examples of the storytelling she loves to do. Nicole co-wrote her two singles with Daniel Kleindienst and Victoria Powell. “Strangers Again” is based on a true story of a high school boyfriend who was not happy to see his ex-girlfriend when she returned home for the first time after the break-up.

Cover art for Nicole Miller's single, "Hung Up." She is on the phone like she is listening, but wants to hang up.
“Hung Up” cover art designed by Victoria Powell. Photo by Logen Christopher

“Hung Up,” her latest single, was released on July 19, 2019. Nicole said, “This song is for those who are the not girlfriend, girlfriend. I have always had guy friends, who at times want the emotional connection of a girlfriend, but they were not interested in dating. You know you should hang up when they call, but you care too much and allow yourself to get hung up on people.”

“Hung Up” is the first single from a five-song EP that will be released at a later date. The EP’s titled “Lonely on the Weekend” is a group of songs about a broken relationship of two people who want to be together, but can’t seem to do it. I am sure I speak for many who cannot wait for the entire EP, but in the meantime, we will be hung up on “Hung Up.”

Notes and Future Plans from Nicole

Miller said, “I am thankful for the friendships I have made, but I must face more of my fears and continue growing as an artist and a person. I want to be less afraid of the things that matter.”

Miller is working toward playing more full band shows and touring. Until then, she will continue writing great songs and impressing everyone around town with her incredible vocal ability. I encourage you to go download or stream her two singles that are available. If Nicole is on a show line-up, make it a priority to see her perform live. I am certain you will get hung up on Nicole Miller’s music too.

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