Listening to Hannah Goebel Sing is a High Point in Life

Life has highs and lows, but listening to Hannah Goebel sing is a high point in life. Goebel has released her third single of 2020, "Highs and Lows." The current single is the follow up to "Love Spent" and "Hold On."   Nebraska to Nashville  Our love and appreciation of music begin when we are young.... Continue Reading →


Alyssa Trahan Felt Drawn to Nashville

Nashville singer/songwriter, Alyssa Trahan, felt drawn to Nashville after visiting on vacation with her family when she was younger. Trahan said, "I remember loving Nashville, thinking it was so cool. I felt like this was where I was supposed to be like something was pulling me here."   Alyssa would eventually "follow her gut" and move to Nashville.... Continue Reading →

Who is SixForty1?

Who is SixForty1? Since moving to Nashville two years ago, SixForty1 has made quickly made a name for themselves. As more people hear their music and see these guys perform, their fanbase is increasing. Since moving to Nashville, they have played Whiskey Jam and opened for Brantley Gilbert. It is safe to say these guys... Continue Reading →

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