Rachel Horter Found A Home in Nashville

Rachel Horter found a home in Nashville, after spending her childhood moving around with her family. Since moving to Nashville five years ago, Rachel has captured the attention of many with her vocals and her stage presence. Horter has performed at some of the biggest showcases in Music City, such as Whiskey Jam and BusCall.... Continue Reading →


Aaron Clafton Released a New Single

Aaron Clafton released a new single, "Spare Key," on Friday, June 28th. The singer/songwriter is originally from Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. Aaron moved to Nashville three years ago to chase his dreams. In a short time, he has become a well-respected part of the local songwriting community. From Hockey to Music Aaron grew up playing hockey,... Continue Reading →

Joybeth Taylor: Destined for Nashville

Joybeth Taylor, a singer/songwriter who seemed destined to move to Nashville. The singer/songwriter, at five years old, long before she was seriously into music, said she was going to move to Nashville. Joybeth said, " I didn't know what Nashville was, I just knew it was a place, and I was going." Since moving to... Continue Reading →

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