Rachel Horter Found A Home in Nashville

Rachel Horter found a home in Nashville, after spending her childhood moving around with her family. Since moving to Nashville five years ago, Rachel has captured the attention of many with her vocals and her stage presence. Horter has performed at some of the biggest showcases in Music City, such as Whiskey Jam and BusCall. For Rachel, she is doing what she loves, and it is her passion for music that motivates the singer/songwriter.

The Journey to Music City

Rachel Horter’s journey to the Music City had many stops along the way. She was born in Pennsylvania before her family moved to Johnson City, Tennessee. Rachel spent eight years of her childhood in Henderson, Kentucky. According to Horter, the years spent in Kentucky were “some of the best years of my childhood.” The last stop before moving to Nashville was Fort Wayne, Indiana. The singer/songwriter said, “Moving around helped me have the courage to move to Nashville.”

After Rachel graduated from high school, she moved to Nashville. She said, “I always loved singing, and I knew I wanted a career in music. Living in Indiana, a music career did not seem as realistic. I didn’t want to live a life with any regret.” Instead of attending college like many of her friends, Rachel Horter, with the encouragement of her parents, decided to chase her dreams of a career in music.

Rachel’s Love of Music

Shania Twain sparked Rachel’s love of music. The singer/songwriter said, “Shania Twain’s “Come On Over” album got me into singing. Carrie Underwood’s first album “Some Hearts” taught me how to sing.” Rachel’s musical influences included some of music’s powerhouse vocalists: Martina McBride and Whitney Houston.

Rachel Horter was in show choir during high school, and it was here she began to hone her voice and her confidence while performing. In addition, Rachel has been able to play at Ole Red on Broadway in Downtown Nashville almost every Monday. Many singer/songwriters refuse to play on Broadway. However, Rachel said, “I am grateful for the opportunity to play once a week at Ole Red. It has made me a better on-stage performer.”

Rachel Horter on stage performing at Ole Red Nashville
Rachel Horter on stage at Ole Red Nashville

In the last couple of years, Rachel Horter has also fallen in love with songwriting. Rachel said, “When I moved to Nashville, I did not write my songs.” However, when you are friends with talented writers, some of their creativity can rub off on you. Rachel admits, “I am not sure how I started writing. When I first started writing songs, I was afraid to show my songs to other people. My friends were all good writers, and I feared they wouldn’t like my songs. I enjoy writing for myself. If I get caught up in worrying about rules for radio or what is commercial, it is not as enjoyable for me.” We speak for everyone when we say; we are glad Rachel overcame her fear of sharing her songs.

Rachel released her Debut EP “Lucky” on May 3rd

Album Cover Art for Rachel Horter's Debut EP "Lucky"
Debut EP “Lucky” cover photo

Rachel Horter released an incredible EP on May 3, 2019. Rachel previously has released two singles, “Sooner or Later” in 2016 and “My Turn” in 2015. The singer/songwriter is incredibly proud of her EP because she wrote or co-wrote all the songs for the EP. Seth Cook and Cameron Pessarra produced the EP.

My personal favorites on the EP are “How Lucky” and “When Love Takes You In.” “How Lucky” was an idea Rachel had stored in her phone. After the writing session, Rachel decided she didn’t like the song. It would take another writing session to finish the song. Rachel’s sultry vocals and the musical arrangement on this song make it my favorite on the EP.

“When Love Takes You In” has a beautiful intro that brings you into the song. Rachel wrote this song with Seth Cook, Cameron Pessarra, and Jeff Phipps. The singer/songwriter’s personal favorites on the EP are “That Dress” and “Mine.” “That Dress” was about a guy who was Rachel’s date to a wedding. When the long-distance relationship ended with this man, she wrote “That Dress.” Rachel said, “Writing “That Dress” gave her closure immediately after finishing the song. The singer/songwriter wrote the lyrics and melody to “Mine.” Many people will relate to the idea of liking someone and wishing they were yours.

“Fire” is about seeing someone who excites you at the moment, but you are not sure if they would be right for you long-term. In the short term, our desire for someone can cloud our thinking.

A Message to the Fans and Her Future Plans

In many ways with Rachel Horter; what you see is what you get. Sometimes people will disappoint you once you meet them, but with Rachel, it is the opposite. She has always been kind and genuine in my interactions with her. One interesting note from our conversation is Rachel loves rap and hip/hop music. She is a big fan of Cardi B and Travis Scott.

When asked what does she want her fans to know. The singer/songwriter said, “I am so thankful for my fans and their overwhelming support. The response I have gotten from the EP is amazing. Their support encourages me.” Rachel will continue writing and planning future releases. She is also interested in getting her songs placed in television shows and movies. Merchandise for the fans is also in the works. Also, she will continue working on getting better in every way. Rachel said, “I am happiest and at peace working to better myself.”

Keeping Up With Rachel

If you are not familiar with Rachel or her music, you can follow her on Instagram at @rachelhorter. Her music is available for download or streaming as well. Undiscovered Nashville is looking forward to future releases and shows from Rachel Horter. We are thankful she took the time to visit with us.

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