Aaron Clafton Released a New Single

Aaron Clafton released a new single, “Spare Key,” on Friday, June 28th. The singer/songwriter is originally from Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. Aaron moved to Nashville three years ago to chase his dreams. In a short time, he has become a well-respected part of the local songwriting community.

From Hockey to Music

Aaron grew up playing hockey, like many kids in Minnesota. However, he always loved music and was drawn to it. Clafton’s grandfather played the piano and the accordion. It was this influence from his grandfather that sparked Aaron’s interest in learning piano. Learning guitar would soon follow.

Aaron graduated from Bemidji State University in Bemidji, Minneota with a degree in marketing. During college, Aaron played a weekly gig at a local bar and began writing songs. Also, he recorded a ten song album that was never officially released. The singer/songwriter said, “This was a great learning experience for me.”

Moving to Nashville

After graduating from college, Aaron spent some time working full time at a credit union in his hometown. However, Nashville was always on his mind. The singer/songwriter made a move to Music City a little over three years ago. Aaron admits, “Nashville was a bit intimidating at first. Everyone was so good. It took me a while to gain the confidence to talk to people and approach people for co-writes.”

Aaron worked briefly at The City Winery after he got to town, but realized he needed to find a full-time job. He began working full-time at a credit union in Nashville. However, Aaron thought this would hinder his ability to get co-writes in town. Fortunately, his fears were unfounded. Aaron has written with several talented writers, including Joybeth Taylor. Clafton co-wrote “Inside this Guitar,” one of Taylor’s upcoming singles.

The New Single “Spare Key”

Aaron Clafton released a new single, “Spare Key” on June 28th. Clafton co-wrote the song with Julia Formica and Levi Burwell. The idea behind the song came from a story Aaron heard at a party. It was a story about a guy who had just broken up with his girlfriend, and it did not end well. The guy texted his roommates to move the spare key to avoid any trouble. The singer/songwriter chose to go a more sentimental route with the song.

“Spare Key” is a unique way to say you miss someone and want them back. Many times it will take multiple writing sessions or a fresh set of eyes to finish a song. Aaron and Julia started the song, and then pitched the idea to Levi, who helped complete the chorus and the melody.

If you would like to pre-order or pre save the song, follow this link. https://ffm.to/sparekey

Aaron Clafton released a new single, “Spare Key” on June 28th.
Photographs by Brooke Greenberg Photography

Aaron Clafton’s Future Plans

Clafton will continue to focus on writing and is looking to release more singles later this year. The singer/songwriter is also looking to play more full band showcases this year. In the next year, he would like to play more gigs out of Nashville as well.

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