Joybeth Taylor: Destined for Nashville

Joybeth Taylor, a singer/songwriter who seemed destined to move to Nashville. The singer/songwriter, at five years old, long before she was seriously into music, said she was going to move to Nashville. Joybeth said, ” I didn’t know what Nashville was, I just knew it was a place, and I was going.” Since moving to the Music City, Joybeth has quickly become widely respected among the songwriting community. Her music will make you face your problems, as she has written songs that will have you in your feelings.

The Journey to Nashville

Joybeth, originally from Pelham, Alabama, was always around music growing up. She said, “I would go around singing about anything.” The singer/songwriter’s love of country music came from her grandparents, as they introduced her to Patsy Cline. Taylor said, “It was the first record I knew front to back.” One of Joybeth’s favorite memories was when “her grandfather would sit at the table, play older music, and have her guess the artist.”

Taylor described her childhood as turbulent, but she said, “I am grateful for my early life experiences because it brought something out of me.” She began writing poetry at seven years old to get things out when she couldn’t talk about it. Joybeth was fortunate to be able to take piano and voice lessons. However, learning to play guitar would allow her to “dive headfirst into songwriting at fourteen years old.” The singer/songwriter began turning her poetry into songs. Also, she gained experience performing in a worship band on mission trips with her uncle.

The Move to Nashville

Joybeth Taylor moved to Nashville three years ago after graduating from high school. The singer/songwriter had no fear of making a move since she had always wanted to come here. The only person Joybeth knew in Nashville was her cousin, with whom she shared a one bedroom apartment. While her cousin was in school, Joybeth would go out in Nashville to open mic and writer’s rounds. She dove into songwriting on her own and learning more about the craft itself.

Although Nashville was not quite what Joybeth expected, that was a good thing. The singer/songwriter said, “I had no idea of what a writer’s round was before moving to Nashville.” Her biggest struggle after moving to town was talking to people. Joybeth said, “I am shy, so talking to people was difficult for me.” Amazingly, she does not experience stage fright. Taylor said, “When I am on stage, I feel safe.”

Joybeth Taylor performing at The Listening Room Cafe

Inspirations and Process

When you ask a songwriter, what inspires your writing, you will get different answers. Joybeth explains, ” My life experiences, other people’s stories, reading, and other people’s music are all sources of inspiration.” Her songwriting process depends on whether she is writing alone or with someone else. Sometimes she starts with a melody, and other times, she begins with the lyrics. The singer/songwriter could “write a song in a day, but still, keep working on it for five days.” Writing songs by yourself enables you to “really understand yourself.” Although, she enjoys co-writing as well. Regardless of whether you are writing independently or with other people, Joybeth said, “Songwriting is something you have to do often. It’s like a muscle. You can tell when someone has not written in a while.”

Joybeth Taylor’s music has a traditional sound. She envisions her music to maintain a singer/songwriter feel with a classic country vibe, but still be commercial friendly. Patsy Cline, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson influence her sound. Also, Lori McKenna, Travis Meadows, and Tony Lane have affected Joybeth’s music.

Joybeth’s Debut Single Coming Soon

Joybeth Taylor will be releasing her debut single, “Just Takes One” on July 11th. The release will be followed up with three more singles, whose release dates are yet to be determined. “Inside this Guitar,” “I See Memories,” and “Meant to Be” will be released later . We will patiently await the release of these songs. Jamie O’Neal is producing the entire project and has also served as a great mentor for Joybeth.

Joybeth Taylor to release her debut single “Just Takes One” on July 11, 2019

Lessons Learned

Interviewing singer/songwriter’s allows me to learn from them, and be inspired by their strength and perseverance. Joybeth Taylor is no exception. Even at twenty-one years of age, Joybeth is wise beyond her years. Every singer/songwriter in town will go through periods of self-doubt, but for Joybeth the love and passion she has for music keep her going.

Joybeth is passionate about facing your fears. She said, “Face what haunts you. It will be okay.” Her music has a way of doing that. She often plays plays songs at writer’s nights that will get you in your feels. Tears began to fill my eyes after hearing some of these songs the first time because it made me confront my own life.

The other lesson I learned from Joybeth is the importance of being authentic. Joybeth said, “Embrace who you are and be yourself around others.” As talented as the singer/songwriter is, she is very humble and thankful. It is essential to Joybeth that she remains true to herself regardless of how much success she may achieve. Taylor said, “When you experience success, you don’t want to look back and see that you lost yourself in the process. Who I am when I take my last breath is who I want to be as I live my life.”

Destined for Nashville and to Change Lives Through Music

Joybeth Taylor is where she is supposed to be in her life. The certainty she had as a five-year-old girl that she was moving to Nashville without a reason why seems like destiny. She is moving people with her authentic and relatable songs, and through that, the singer/songwriter can change lives. I believe big things are on the horizon for Joybeth. I am thankful that I could be a small part of her journey toward greatness.

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