Allie Keck Impresses With Her Powerhouse Vocals

Allie Keck impresses with her powerhouse vocals on her latest single, "Poor Girl." The Illinois native has released her first music since 2017 EP "Kiss and Tell." Keck's path to this single release was not always certain, but Allie has persevered in a town that humbles even the most talented singer/songwriters.  Born to Sing Allie... Continue Reading →


Alyssa Trahan Felt Drawn to Nashville

Nashville singer/songwriter, Alyssa Trahan, felt drawn to Nashville after visiting on vacation with her family when she was younger. Trahan said, "I remember loving Nashville, thinking it was so cool. I felt like this was where I was supposed to be like something was pulling me here."   Alyssa would eventually "follow her gut" and move to Nashville.... Continue Reading →

Bailey James is Finding Her Sound

At sixteen years old, Bailey James is finding her sound. The challenge for Bailey is finding a sound that fits her since she likes many different genres of music. The singer/songwriter's most recent releases are very different from each other, but the songs are personal and have meaning to Bailey. For Bailey, the balance between... Continue Reading →

Hung up on Nicole Miller’s Music

It's easy to get hung up on Nicole Miller's music. Her music is raw and authentic and will get you in your feels. The singer/songwriter grew up around music, and it became her passion at a young age. Nicole's single, “Hung up," was released on July 19, 2019. “Hung Up” is the first single from... Continue Reading →

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