The Springs Make Beautiful Music Together

The Springs make beautiful music together. Stewart and Holly Halcomb make up the husband and wife duo, The Springs. The Springs are all about making music their parents wouldn’t be ashamed to hear. However, before forming the duo and getting married, Stewart and Holly were on separate musical journeys. It is together where the couple has achieved the most success and attention.

Holly’s Journey to Music City

Holly Helms moved to Nashville in October 2010 at the age of eighteen shortly after graduating from Buckhorn High School in New Market, Alabama. The singer/songwriter feels music was in her blood. Holly said, “My dad sang in church, and my mom played the piano.” At the end of her 5th or 6th-grade year of school, she performed at a school competition. It was after this competition her parents first realized Holly could sing and people enjoyed her singing. One Christmas, Holly received a karaoke machine for Christmas. She began to take her karaoke CDs to fairs and festivals and sing to them.

Holly was also an athlete during her childhood. However, in high school, her parents told her she could continue playing sports, or she could focus on music. Holly decided to sing with a local band on the weekends. Holly said, “My parents told me I could go to college or they would help her move to Nashville after graduation. I knew in 8th or 9th-grade I wanted to move to Nashville. My dad was supportive, but my mom was a little hesitant.” Six months after graduating from high school, Holly Helms moved to Franklin, TN.

Stewart’s Journey to Music City

A career in music was not a certainty for Stewart Halcomb growing up. While he sang in the choir, Stewart didn’t seriously start singing until the summer following his freshman year of high school. Unfortunately, Stewart was injured playing football, so he was unable to attend football camp. However, the injury would turn out to be fortunate for Stewart. Instead of football camp, Stewart would go to King’s Island with his family. King’s Island, owned by Paramount at that time, had “a star search competition.” Stewart said, “As we were walking by, the lady behind the table told us a guy pulled out of the competition. The lady asked us if anyone wanted to sing, and I said I would do it.” It was the first time Stewart had ever sung by himself, but he won the competition.

Stewart would begin singing in a band and quartet as part of the Future Farmers of America (FFA) club competitions at his high school. The singer/songwriter never thought about being a singer, but discovered his love of singing after his football injury. Stewart began writing songs the day after a tornado struck his high school in Enterprise, Alabama in 2007. Eight students died in the storm. The first song Stewart wrote was called “Held In His Love.” Stewart said, “The song’s message is no matter what we are going through, we’re held in God’s love. After playing the song for my friends, I realized the impact music has on people’s lives.”

The singer/songwriter began writing more songs and playing more shows with his band, The Springs. The Springs were the same band formed as part of the FFA. Collectively, the guys would move to Nashville in June 2010 after getting a house gig at Tootsie’s. Stewart’s band, his dad, and two other musicians shared a two-bedroom apartment.

Separate Journeys Began to Intertwine

Holly and Stewart met at The Bluebird Cafe in January 2011, after moving to Nashville within months of each other. Stewart asked Holly to write with him and invited her to a writer’s night at Hotel Indigo, where he was playing. He introduced her to people booking writer’s rounds and also helped her get a band together.

In 2014, The Springs were reborn as a duo featuring Stewart and Holly. Rick Barker, who previously managed Taylor Swift and was on retainer with Big Machine, encouraged them to become a duo. They have had more success since joining their music careers together. The couple admitted, “At first, we were trying to figure out who was going to sing and where we were going to stand on stage.” However, “it flowed naturally one they started performing.”

Balancing Married Life and Professional Life

Imagine spending nearly all your time with your significant other. The Halcombs admitted, “It was challenging to find a balance between personal time and our time together since there is no separation from business.” However, Stewart and Holly have been able to find a balance between their personal life and their professional lives. The couple said, “The secret is to make sure we have some personal time too.” It could be as simple going to the gym, Holly having a girls night out, or Stewart working as a real estate agent to give them some time to themselves. It helps the couple enjoys spending time with each other too, that is evident when you see them together.

Stewart and Holly Halcomb in the kitchen
“We actually love each other. It’s not an act.” Stewart and Holly Halcomb

Their Music Life Together

The Springs, in its current iteration, has been chasing their dreams together since 2014. Their approach to music is simple. Stewart said, “We try to write the best songs possible without worrying about who will sing it. We decide who will sing or if it will be a duet after we have written the song.” It is a formula that seems to be working for the duo. Both agreed that is it helpful when writing songs to work with co-writers with whom you have a good rapport.

The couple has been in town for nine years. For many singer/songwriters who moved to town, Nashville is different than they thought. Stewart said, “When my band came to town, we thought a label would see us at Tootsie’s and sign us.” There are many talented singers playing on Broadway every night, but very few if any sign record deals. The couple said, “We have learned Nashville is a longevity game.” Many of country music’s biggest stars did not sign record deals until well into their thirties. Indeed, it takes a long time to meet the right people to make it. There are so many talented people in Nashville, but can you keep going long enough? If

Hard work and Perseverance Pays Off

The Springs have worked hard to have a strong social media following. They have a lot of families who follow them. The couple said, “It is important to us to release music our parents wouldn’t be ashamed for others to hear.” Stewart also said, “We have played roughly one thousand shows together, one hundred to three hundred shows a year.” Stewart and Holly have also spent a lot of time searching for people who “believe in us and want to work with us.” The Springs have worked tirelessly to achieve the level of success they have attained to this point in their careers. Their hard work has paid off, as their fan club/single release party at the Listening Room during CMA week was almost sold out.

The Springs appreciate what they have accomplished, but of course like every singer/songwriter they want more. The couple’s ultimate goal is a record deal, but they understand “if you are signed before you are ready, it won’t last.” However, it was evident to me during the interview; the essential aspect of their lives is their marriage.” Stewart said, “If I lost my voice tomorrow, I would be content with just being Holly’s husband.”

Their Music, Their Latest Single, and Future Plans

Last year, The Springs released an album “Old Fashioned.” I encourage you to download or stream this album. My favorite song of this album is the title track. The harmonies are beautiful on every song they have released, but especially on this song. “Someone” is the duo’s latest single. and it was released in June during CMA week.

“Someone” came from an idea Stewart had during a co-write with Lexie Hayden and George Washburne. Stewart said, “I was thinking about how much other people were going to do for Holly during the day. Somebody was going to bag her groceries, someone was going to make her sandwich, but I wanted to be the one who loves her for the rest of her life.” The lyrics speak to that idea. Go check out this song on your favorite streaming platform or download it.

The Springs will be recording more music and will be releasing more singles leading up to a new album. In addition, they have some exciting shows coming this fall. They will be opening for Riley Green and some other acts. An announcement of these shows is coming soon.

Stewart and Holly Halcomb are The Springs
Stewart and Holly Halcomb, The Springs

Notes from The Springs

I asked the Halcombs what they wanted their fans to know. The couple said, “We actually love each other. It’s not an act.” I think that is evident from their chemistry on stage, but also from talking to the couple. Stewart also said, “We are not perfect. We strive to put God first in our lives.”

You can follow The Springs on social media at:

Instagram: @thesprings
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