Nashville Tour Stop Created a Community of Songwriters

Nashville Tour Stop has created a community of songwriters, and if you come out to Belcourt Taps on a Sunday at 6 pm, that will be evident to you. Each week you will find some of the best young writers in town on stage at Nashville Tour Stop (NTS). Also, you will discover songwriting legends playing sometimes. Pat Alger, Wood Newton, Jan Buckingham, Pam Belford, and Mark Irwin have graced the stage at NTS.

Nashville Tour Stop Is the Place to be on Sunday Night

Nashville singer/songwriter Aaron Shilb co-founded Nashville Tour Stop in March 2018, but it wasn’t until the show moved to Belcourt Taps that popularity of the show began to increase. The weekly show is the longest live music event in Nashville, running from 6 pm to 12 am. Since taking control of the show in May, Aaron has been diligent at finding sponsorships for the show. Nelson’s Greenbrier Distillery is NTS’s presenting sponsor. Zero to 60 by AGD Entertainment, Strings for Hope, and String Theory Guitar Repair are also sponsors of the show. Also, the show is broadcast each week on WFMC Jams on the internet.

In the last few months, Nashville Tour Stop has been drawing capacity crowds at Belcourt Taps. They introduced new logos and branding that are unmatched by other shows in town. Singer/songwriters who are not playing are coming each week to network with other songwriters. For those who wish to get a seat on stage, Aaron says, “Come hang out! Introduce yourself and have fun meeting people.”  From the beginning, Nashville Tour Stop sought to create a community of songwriters, and they have achieved it.

Why has Nashville Tour Stop become the place to be on Sunday Night?

Since January, I have only missed two Sunday nights at Nashville Tour Stop. Three of the singer/songwriters Undiscovered Nashville has featured, we met at NTS: Nicole Miller, Joybeth Taylor, and Aaron Clafton. NTS host, Aaron Schilb, helps create an energetic and welcoming environment. The show brings in a mixture of songwriters, locals, and tourists. The crowds can be lively, and they love to sing along. Sometimes, the audience is hushed by a raw, authentic, moving song. Many of the songwriters who have played NTS will tell you it is one of their favorite shows to play in Nashville.

Nashville Tour Stop created a community of songwriters so they would have a place to connect with other writers. Lifelong friendships are being made each and every week. If you are a singer/songwriter who is new to Nashville, come find your support system on Sunday nights. So if you have not experienced Nashville Tour Stop on Sunday nights at Belcourt Taps, why are you waiting? Come and be a part of the community that Nashville Tour Stop has created and look for them on the road too. 

Nashville Tour Stop Host Aaron Schilb
Co-Founder and Host of Nashville Tour Stop, Aaron Schilb

Nashville Tour Stop Has Been Hitting the Road

Before Nashville Tour Stop, Aaron Schilb had an idea to take a group of songwriters from Nashville on tour and present a writer’s round format. In the last month, the Nashville Tour Stop made that idea a reality by taking the show on the road to New York City and Columbia, Missouri.  

On November 2nd, Nashville Tour Stop teamed with The Writer’s Round in New York City to sell out Rockwood Music Hall‘s stage three. Schilb said, “We had more RSVP than the room the could hold, and sadly they had to turn people away at the door.”  The singer/songwriters who made the trip to NYC included: Aaron Schilb, Tyler Bank, Zayne Parmiter, Colin Rowe, Allie Dunn, and Nicole Miller. Bank and Dunn are New Jersey and New York natives. This group of writers are part of the Nashville Tour Stop family. Currently, plans are in the works for another show in NYC. 

On November 23rd, Nashville Tour Stop had another packed house at the Eastside Tavern in Columbia, Missouri, which is Aaron Schilb’s hometown. Schilb said, “The Eastside Tavern is where I began playing open mics for pizza and $1 pints before moving to Nashville. The same people would play each week, and it became like a community. I wanted to create that same type of event in Nashville.”  The singer/songwriters who played this tour stop included: Aaron Schilb, Tyler Bank, Zayne Parmiter, Colin Rowe, Allie Dunn, Nicole Miller, Aaron Clafton, and Paige Rose.

Nashville Tour Stop is planning more out of town shows for 2020. Be sure to follow them on Instagram for their weekly Nashville lineups, announcements for rounds or band showcases at different venues in Nashville, and to see if NTS is coming to your city. 

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