Allie Keck Impresses With Her Powerhouse Vocals

Allie Keck impresses with her powerhouse vocals on her latest single, “Poor Girl.” The Illinois native has released her first music since 2017 EP “Kiss and Tell.” Keck’s path to this single release was not always certain, but Allie has persevered in a town that humbles even the most talented singer/songwriters. 

Born to Sing

Allie grew up in Neoga, Illinois. It was in this small town in Illinois that Keck cultivated her love of singing. Keck said, “I began singing almost as soon as I could talk. At fifteen, I picked up the guitar. At sixteen, I started writing songs and performing.  The singer/songwriter knew she wanted to move Nashville as a teenager, but her parents wanted her to go to college. Allie said, “My parents told me if I got a degree, then I could move to Nashville. So I graduated from Illinois State University and moved to Nashville a month later.”

Many singer/songwriters have some natural ability, but even the most talented need to hone their skills. Keck said, “As a child, I knew music was special and maybe something in which I could be good. However, music was never something that I ever thought I was great at so that I can do this without practice. I am not athletic or book smart, and I had to pick something.”

Developing Your Voice

Allie has one of the most powerful voices in Nashville. The singer/songwriter’s power and range are impressive, but she spent years developing her voice. Keck said, “I was in sixth grade when I realized there was some power. I realized I was loud. However, it wasn’t until I was in college that I began to develop my voice.  The singer/songwriter continued,  “At the time, there were all these powerhouse vocalists like Adele, and I wanted to see if I could do it. I took vocal and piano lessons. I worked on developing my range and how to sing properly.”

Allie Keck impresses every time she sings. Keck’s work to develop her vocal ability has paid off, she also has spent time improving her songwriting. The singer/songwriter admitted, “I didn’t think that I was a songwriter, but my guitar teacher told me that I was going to write songs. In the beginning, I was writing about boys who were mean to me and boys who were kind to me. You also write about girls who were not very nice too.”   

Allie Keck with Nashville's cranes of progress in the background.
Photo by: Jay Inman

The Learning Curve in Nashville

Everyday singer/songwriter’s move to Nashville with a guitar in their hand and dreams in their heart. However, for many, they quickly learn Music City is different than they envisioned. Allie said, “I moved to Nashville with the thought that you played on Broadway, and that was how you got discovered. Eventually, I found out co-writing was the thing. However, I didn’t get into co-writing until my second year in town. I have met some of my best friends through co-writing. Writing with others also helped me improve my songwriting. The biggest surprise upon moving to Nashville was how money drove the industry was.”

Allie Keck’s first twenty-four hours in Nashville would challenge her, but it was also a tremendous learning experience. Keck said, “One day after I moved here, my car broke down. It was my first time on a big interstate by myself, and my alternator went out driving down I-65. I am twenty-one years old, and I have no clue what to do. I called my parents, but they said, what do you want us to do. The first day in town and I blew through my savings to fix my car. The planner in me learned a lot in my first twenty-four hours in Nashville.”

Why did Allie Keck decide to stay in Nashville?

Nashville is known as a ten-year town, but for many, they leave well before then. When Keck moved to town, she didn’t know if she would stay. The singer/songwriter said, “I thought I was going to try Nashville for a year and see what happened. After I released my EP in 2017, I was going to leave. A friend of mine convinced me to stay. I think what changed it for me was to try and be a full-time musician before my health insurance is up in August.”

Allie Keck spent a little over a year playing gigs on Broadway to make a living, and that experience was invaluable to her. Keck said, When you are performing every day, it’s a big deal. But, when you do it so often, you get used to it. You can forget that it’s cool to be able to play music.  From waiting tables to performing on Broadway, Allie Keck has worked a lot of different jobs while pursuing her dreams in Nashville. The singer/songwriter said, “Some jobs limited my ability to write, and others limited my time available to perform around town. I realized whether I am writing or performing, I am doing something in the industry. 

Through Allie’s experiences, the singer/songwriter said “I figured out what I liked to do and what I didn’t like to do. My experience performing on Broadway made me more addicted to songwriting. Now that I am waiting tables, I am writing everyday. I have had some of the best ideas that I have had in a long time.”

Photo by: Stargirl Shoots

Allie Keck Impresses with the release of “Pour Girl” on Valentines Day

Allie Keck impresses with her powerhouse vocals on her latest single, “Poor Girl.” The single is the long awaited follow up to her debut EP, “Kiss and Tell.” The song was produced by Randy Kohrs and co-written with Garrett Biggs. Kohrs brought the song to life, as well as playing the lap steel and singing the high harmonies. 

What is the story behind the song? Keck said, “I had this idea about telling a girl her guy was also trying to see me too. It comes from a place of feeling sorry for the other girl and being afraid to tell her the truth. So I thought maybe adding alcohol into it would make it better.”  The singer/songwriter continued, “Garrett and I wrote the song pretty quick. We decided to record a video and put it on YouTube. Both of us got such a good response from it, I decided to record it.”

Keep Grinding

The four years Allie Keck has been in Nashville have seen their ups and downs, but she is still grinding. Keck said, “You have to wake up everyday and want it. When you don’t, pretend!”  Undiscovered Nashville can relate to the plight of singer/songwriters in Nashville, which is why we continue to support so many talented people in town. All we can do each day is keep working toward our goals. Some days will be more successful than others, but be patient, because success is in reach. We hope that you have enjoyed learning about Allie Keck as much as we did. Follow her on social media and streaming platforms.  

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