J. Antonette Is Thankful For the Nashville Songwriting Community

J. Antonette is thankful for the Nashville songwriting community. The singer/songwriter has made herself at home in Nashville. The singer/songwriter is grateful for the support she has received since moving to Nashville. Antonette is excited to release her first single since moving to Nashville in June 2019. If you have ever been in a toxic relationship or know someone who has, you will relate to this song.

Antonette Was Always a Songwriter

Antonette grew up in upstate New York in a small town before moving downstate. As a young girl, she was always writing. The singer/songwriter said, When I was about four years old, I would sit behind the bushes in front of my house with a little notepad and write little songs.”  

For many songwriters, either someone in their household was a musician, they turned to music for comfort, or their parents just loved music, and it was always playing in the house. Antonette said, Both my parents loved music. They were not singers, but they could carry a tune. However, music was always playing in our house. There was a famous person in my family who was in music. Doug Fieger from The Knack is my dad’s cousin, but I don’t know him.”  For those unfamiliar, The Knack is most known for their song, “My Sharona.”

While Antonette has been writing songs, learning guitar was challenging for her. The singer/songwriter said, “I have tried learning to play guitar for a long time, but I am dyslexic. I would get frustrated and quit. In the last year, I have worked hard to learn. I am very proud of myself that I can play chords and make music on my own.”

The reasons people started writing songs are different, but a common theme I have noticed is writing as a coping mechanism. Antonette said, “I used writing music as a form of therapy. I have always expressed my emotions through music. Music can explain something regular words can’t express. A melody and instrumentation can provide more feeling.”

J. Antonette–“Drunk on Me”

J. Antonette’s Nashville Experience

J. Antonette spent time in New York and Los Angeles before moving to Nashville. Her first job in the music business was working as a background singer. Antonette said, “After moving to downstate New York, I got a job as a background singer for Melissa Etheridge. That experience made me want to be a better singer and songwriter. I also toured all over the world with the Gary Douglas Band. I got to back up Michael Bolton for a TV appearance.”

Nashville can be intimidating for many songwriters when they make a move to town. For Antonette, she has seemed to jump right in, trying to make her mark in this town. However, the singer/songwriter admitted, “I am not the most talented singer, but I feel I work hard. I know I still have a lot to learn, because I am still green in Nashville. When I moved here, I didn’t know anyone. However, I am lucky because this musical community is different than anywhere I have ever been. It is for the writers and the underdogs. There is a community of love and support here.” 

Antonette is indeed thankful for the Nashville songwriting community. The singer/songwriter said, “I’ve written more music here in the last few months than I wrote in the last five years of being in New York. I am very proud of the growth I have had as a writer since moving to Nashville. When you get into a room with writers, who are better than you, it makes you push yourself.”

J. Antonette Has a Heart for People

Since moving to Nashville, Antonette has also worked to make an impact on the Nashville community. The singer/songwriter has a big heart and loves doing charity work. In November, she helped put together a coat/blanket drive for the homeless in Nashville. The event featured some of Nashville’s talented young songwriters.

In December, she helped organize a toy drive for the children who had to spend Christmas at the Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. Dawghouse Saloon graciously hosted this event, featuring several performers playing their holiday favorites. J. Antonette is thankful for all the artists and people who donated items. Antonette said, “Doing charity work keeps me grounded. It truly brings me a sense of joy.”

J. Antonette's "Drunk on Me" cover art.
“Drunk On Me” Cover Art by Logan Christopher

J. Antonette Releases a New Single: “Drunk on Me”

If you ever been in a relationship that you know is not good for you, I think you will relate to J. Antonette’s new single. “Drunk on Me,” was written by Colleen Francis, Lyndee Underbakke, J. Antonette, and produced by Johnny Dibb. The song was introduced to Antonette by Underbakke. Antonette said, “I had started writing with Lyndee over Facetime. Lyndee played me this song she had written with Colleen Francis, and I immediately connected to it. The song is about a girl who is in love with a guy, but he is toxic for her.”

Antonette’s connection to this song once again illustrates the power music can have on us. The singer/songwriter said, “I feel the song so emotionally. I was going through a bad break up at the time. I thought the guy was great, but he was toxic for me. He was gaslighting me and lying to me. I asked Lyndee if I could do some rewrites and put my spin on the song. I am grateful these writers let me do that. For two months, I sat on the song and worked on the rewrites. I sang it out loud, and it just felt right to me. 

In addition to the single, she will be releasing a music video soon to accompany the song. Logan Christopher of Stormlight Pictures shot the video as well as the cover art for the single. The singer/songwriter said, “The video is raw and grungy. I think it is perfect for the song.” The video for “Drunk on Me” released on August 3, 2020. You can watch it here.

Official Video

Fun Facts and Future Plans

Antonette has ambitious plans for 2020. She would like to release a song each month. In addition to new music, the singer/songwriter would like to tour this year. She has begun playing the writer’s night circuit, but she wants to get out of town and play some shows. 

If you have the opportunity to meet her, you will not forget the impression she makes on you. However, Antonette wants you to know, “as loud and sassy as I am or as sexy as I might dress, I am actually conservative. People think I am a bad girl, but I am really traditional.”

Check out “Drunk on Me,” available January 31, 2020, and get out to a show to see what J. Antonette is all about. Also, please give her a follow on social media. I promise you will find her entertaining.  

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