An Incredible Week in Review

Over the past week, I have been witness to some incredible singer/songwriters at the various showcases of original music around Nashville. On Monday night March 11th, I went to Whiskey Jam at Winner's Bar and Grill on Division Street. One of the highlights of the night for me was Jonathan Singleton, who has penned some... Continue Reading →


A Sunday Night in Printer’s Alley

This past Sunday night, I diverted from my normal Sunday night routine of going to the Nashville Tour Stop at Belcourt Taps because there was not a seat to be found. I went to the Nash Up 615 writer's night hosted by the talented Ajaye Jardine at Alley Taps. This writer's night is some what... Continue Reading →

Melanie Meriney is a Rising Star

Melanie Meriney was born in California but grew up in Pittsburgh, PA. Growing up she and her siblings played on travel hockey teams, but hockey was not her only passion. Once she saw Shania Twain perform, her love for music was undeniable. Melanie thought Shania "had the most incredible job in the world." Melanie began... Continue Reading →

Lyrics are the Soul of the Song

In the months before the launch of this blog, I had spent a lot of time going to different writer's nights around Nashville. I have been to the Bridge Bar, the Listening Room, Jammin in Jammies at Frisky Frogs, Chasin Melodies and the Overall Attraction at Dawghouse Saloon, The Nashville Tour Stop at Belcourt Taps,... Continue Reading →

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