Jade Gibson is Determined to Make Music a Career

Jade Gibson is an Australian country artist on our radar for the last few years. Undiscovered Nashville first met Gibson at the now-closed Belcourt Taps in Nashville while she was living in Music City. Even though Jade returned to Australia, I continued to follow her career. Gibson spent a few weeks in Nashville this summer, where she reconnected with several friends and co-writers. During that time, I had the opportunity to catch up with Gibson when she played our songwriter showcase at Sonny’s Nashville. Please keep reading to learn more about Jade Gibson and her music.  

Music has always been the Path for Jade Gibson

Jade Gibson has been on a musical journey for as long as she can remember, but many failed to understand her musical dreams. Gibson said, “Non-musicians raised me, but everyone in my family is a massive chatterbox. You know the connection storytelling brings, but they also loved music. But I wasn’t raised to be a musician or see music as a career path. However, I cannot remember when I wasn’t telling people I would be a pop star. Apparently, I came out of the womb humming. One of my daycare teachers tells stories about how I would tell her I would be the best singer in the world. It’s always been my path.

Gibson’s career path would be challenging, but the Aussie is determined. The singer/songwriter said, “I’ve never wanted to do anything else, which is special but stressful. I never had a plan B and needed to figure out how to pursue a music career. But I didn’t have any influences. I begged my parents for singing lessons when I was around nine or ten. At fourteen, I began gigging around the country, Victoria. I would play at any pub that would let me.”

Jade Gibson Stubbornly Pushed for a Music Career

Jade Gibson set her sights on Nashville once she discovered Country Music. The Aussie said, “When I began gigging, I mainly played pop stuff. But at the time, I was also starting to listen to Taylor Swift, The Chicks, and Fleetwood Mac. People would tell me they liked it when I would sing country music, but I didn’t know much about it. Then, around fifteen or sixteen, I set my heart on Nashville. I am someone who doesn’t do things in half, and being from a small country town, I got a little backlash for having big dreams. In Australia, there is a little bit of a toxic culture that we call tall poppy syndrome. It means if someone is doing something a little different and growing outside of the bunch, society likes to cut you down, especially in country towns. Little did they know, I become more stubborn if you try to cut me down.

It was a good decision for Gibson to set her sights on Nashville. She said, “I began saving to go to Nashville, and I moved over in 2018 to Belmont, where I spent a year. When I got to Nashville, I had yet to write a song or play guitar. But I told myself, this is where you do it. By the end of that year, I had met lifelong friends and started co-writing. After returning home to Australia in 2019, I began releasing music and haven’t stopped.”

Australian Influences on Jade Gibson

Jade Gibson pursued country music when it was less popular in Australia. So, Jade’s influences in Australia were mainly pop artists. Gibson said, “I was quite bullied in high school for choosing country music because the genre was not very popular until the last few years. So, my idols growing up were in the pop genre. Some artists I admired in Australia were Missy Higgins, Delta Goodrem, and John Farnham. There were also bands like INXS and Cold Chisel. Few people were doing a popular country style that I also liked. We had people doing a country style called Australiana, which is like Americana but sung with an Aussie accent, talking about blue-collar things. But I didn’t relate to that, and I thought there had to be something in the middle. I fell in love with artists like Rascal Flatts, Lady A, and Kelsea Ballerini. 

Check out the video for “Unforgivingly Me”

Comparing the Australian Music Scene to Nashville

Jade Gibson’s determination to make music a career is paying off, making those who doubted her change their tune. The singer/songwriter said, “I remember being told by a career counselor in high school that singing is only a hobby. Many people who told me no when I was younger have backpedaled and acknowledged that I am doing it. It’s tough, and I have a day job. But If I wanted to, I could make a living in Australia from playing gigs. So, I am living the dream and releasing music.

The Australian Country Music scene is blossoming, and we have discovered several talented artists over the past few years as they have visited Nashville. Artists such as Gibson, Chelsea Berman, Chloe Styler, Max Jackson, Jake Davey, Zac & George, and many more are on our radar. We talked to Jade about the differences between Australia and Nashville. She said, “There is less of a community in Australia than in Nashville. If you want to do music in Australia, you can, but there are fewer opportunities. The ceiling is much higher in Nashville. Here in Australia, there are only two steps. Once you make it into the group, you are in the group. The Country Music scene in Australia is small, but everyone has stepped up in the last five years. We are moving toward that Nashville Sound, and it’s working. The contemporary country sound undeniably opens the door to new fans. 

Jade Gibson is a Natural Writer and Artist

Songwriters come with different strengths. Some are great lyricists, and others are melodic geniuses. Gibson is an artist who knows herself. The Aussie said, “I always knew there was a songwriter in me. I know I can do something, but sometimes jumping off the ledge takes a while. But I also knew my strengths, and songwriting for me would need to be a collaborative effort. My strength is storytelling and writing lyrics. 

However, I had a lot of issues with my vocal technique. Singing on pitch took five years of intense vocal training, so I needed help with melodies and music. That is why I never wrote songs in Australia, but once I got to Nashville, it all made sense because I love talking.

Every singer/songwriter has different challenges; you will overcome them if you want it bad enough. Jade Gibson makes it look easy, but she assured me it wasn’t. The singer/songwriter said, I was an emotional kid, and I wanted to convey the emotion of a song. But I wasn’t as concerned about the notes, so I was reverse taught. Connecting with the audience, storytelling, and artistry came easy, but the rest was challenging. One of my younger sisters is pitch-perfect, but for me, fighting so hard to learn my craft has made me better.

Cover Art for the latest single from Jade Gibson, "Heavens Know"
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Jade Gibson Releases “Heavens Know”

Jade Gibson released “Heavens Know,” her second single this year, on August 14th. Gibson wrote the new song with Michael Paynter and Michael Delorenzis. “Heavens Know” is a relatable song about being at a crossroads in life. You don’t know which way you will go, so you leave it to the heavens to guide you. “Heavens Know” delivers on a sound we have come to expect from Gibson. Her music gives a windows down, wind in your hair kind of feeling. She stands out from the crowd with the subject matter featured in her music. Gibson said, “One thing I’ve kept consistent with my releases is if I wouldn’t say it, I won’t sing it. I don’t write a lot about love and break-ups. My songs are more about chasing your dreams.”

Jade Gibson’s new single follows up “Unforgivingly Me,” Gibson wrote “Unforgivingly Me” with Mary Kutter, Katrina Burgoyne, Michael DeLorenzis, and Michael Paynter. This particular song champions being yourself. Gibson’s most successful release so far, “Country Mile,” she wrote with Nashville songwriter Tyler Bank.  

Check out the video for “Heavens Know”

For Those New to Jade Gibson

Jade Gibson is, as her song suggests, unforgivingly herself. The Aussie said, “It can be exhausting moving through different circles and trying to conform. So, I choose to be me. If I had listened to everyone who said to dull yourself down, not be as loud, and not dream so big, I would be unhappy.” 

If you are new to her music, Jade hopes you can see yourself in her music. Gibson continued, “In my music, I am trying to present an optimistic view of life. So, my music is about living a humble life, being yourself, chasing your dreams, and being honest. I write about small-town life. I want to produce music that makes people feel understood and happy. It’s a style of country music that is inclusive and honest.”

My Thoughts

Since starting Undiscovered Nashville in 2018, I have met hundreds of songwriters in Nashville. Jade Gibson is one of the most authentic people I have met over the past five years. She lives her truth, and her music is a reflection of that. I suggest getting in your car, rolling the windows down, and cranking up some Jade Gibson. Jade had one last thought: “Everyone has dreams, and you should chase them. So, make your life worth it and live your truth.”

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