Lauren Reno Chooses Music for the Love of It

Lauren Reno has music in her blood, but more importantly, she creates music because she loves it. Reno loves music but didn’t put life on hold to chase her dreams. Reno found a way to have a healthy balance between her family and her music career. As Lauren’s life has progressed, so has her songwriting. Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to Lauren Reno about life, music, and family. Please keep reading to learn more about Reno and her music. 

From Nevada to Nashville

Lauren Reno is originally from Nevada, and it was here that her love for music was born as well. Reno said, “I was born in rural Nevada in a gold mining town. My dad, Eddie Dimock, is also a singer/songwriter. He began playing shows and writing songs, and he moved the family to Nashville when I was around five. While he signed with Capitol Records, my dad eventually chose his family over music. Watching my dad was my introduction to the music industry, and I’ve been writing and playing as many shows as possible ever since.”

I learned it’s only a coincidence that Lauren is from Nevada, and her last name is Reno. The singer/songwriter said, “Some people think I use the name Reno because I am from Nevada, but I just happened to meet someone on Tinder while I was living in Reno, Nevada, with that last name. Interestingly, my husband grew up in Tennessee. So, we moved together back to Tennessee about five years ago. However, while living in Nevada, I released an album called “Seasons” under my maiden name, Lauren Dimock. Then, I took a break to get married and start a family. But about a year and a half ago, I told my husband Ben, a producer, I was ready to make another album.”  Reno released her album, “Goldrush,” last September. 

The Musical Beginning for Lauren Reno

Lauren Reno has been on a path to country music since she was a little girl, but her roots are also grounded in Christian music. Lauren said, “My dad was into old country like Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, and Hank Williams. So, I grew up listening to them. Dad also played in bands, so I always went to his shows. I began writing music around seven years old, and my dad was there to help me. We traveled around singing in churchesDad released a gospel album when I was around fifteen years old. This experience introduced me to the world of touring and writing music. I wrote worship songs then, and we toured throughout Nevada, California, and Oregon. My dad allowed me to open for him.”

Growing up with her father, Lauren Reno had a first-hand education about the music industry. The singer/songwriter said, “Music became a part of who I was. I was a member of a Christian rock band, Pierced, from sixteen until my early twenties. But after graduating college, I wanted to create music that was more me. So, I bought a guitar and was determined to learn how to play and write an album. And that’s what I did. It helped me learn who I was as an artist.”

What Inspires Lauren Reno?

Lauren’s Christian and country roots run deep, but her sound is not mainstream, and that’s by design. Reno said, “Growing up, I loved The Chicks, Martina McBride, Patsy Cline, and Loretta Lynn. So country music has always been there, but I also love Americana. When I started figuring out my sound, it came out country mixed with Americana. It was more of an Indie sound and not so much mainstream. When I released “Goldrush,” my husband and producer, Ben Reno, helped me hone my sound. It’s more of a deep roots, outlaw country feel.

Like most songwriters, life experience inspires Reno’s writing. Lauren said, “Before I was married, my dating failures inspired my songwriting. I wrote many songs on my “Goldrush” album before I got married. But now, as a young married mother, I find the songs I write are more meaningful. There is more depth in my songwriting, but I still have fun love songs like “Hey Boy” that I just released. But then I have a song like “Sweet Marjorie” on my “Goldrush” album about my grandmother who passed away.”

Outside the Music

Relationships can be challenging for someone chasing a career in the music industry. For many, they choose a career over love in the beginning. But Lauren Reno chose love first. Reno said, “When people ask if I have made it, I say yes because I feel like I have. I love being a wife and mother. It sounds so simple, but music is an added layer of joy. My husband is my biggest cheerleader. While my husband is in the music industry now, he was composing music for a gaming company. My music career has blossomed because I moved on with my life.”

Family comes first for Lauren, but she has interests outside of music. The singer/songwriter said, “My daughter would say I love to bake, and I do, especially bread. I love watching the Great British Baking Show. Fall is my favorite season, and I love interior design. I am also a big nerd since I love Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Zombies. Everywhere I go, I look for a great place to stay safe during a zombie apocalypse.”

Cover Art for Lauren Reno's new song, "Hey Boy"
Listen to “Hey Boy” now on Apple Music and Spotify

Lauren Reno releases “Hey Boy”

Lauren Reno released her latest single, “Hey Boy,” on August 11th. She co-wrote the song with Ashley Scire and Ben Reino. Ben Reino also produced the song. Lauren said, “Hey Boy” is a fun-loving song. It’s about the beginning of a relationship when everything is exciting. You are in a love bubble because it’s going so well. Writing about that experience is a good reminder for people, even married people. Over time, you can forget about that love bubble time in a relationship. A song like “Hey Boy” can take you back to your first photo together or when you made your relationship Facebook official.”

“Hey Boy” follows up the September 2022 release of Reno’s album, “Goldrush.” Reno also recently released a pop version of Jon Pardi’s “Tequila Little Time” featuring Jevon Alexander. Reno said, “I am so grateful for the success of “Goldrush. We are still pushing that album, but I have been writing more songs and seeing where my vision is going. I am proud to be a Cherokee Indian who grew up in rural Nevada. So, I want to put out more of my story.”

Watch the Official Video for “Hey Boy”

For Reno’s Listeners: New and Old

For every artist we interview, I always ask them to share a message with their fans and those new to their music. Reno said, “If I am being honest, I am not good at being an artist, but my husband Ben is good at helping me. My goal is to have people hear my music and appreciate it. If you are new to my music, I hope you hear the emotion and feeling behind each song. It’s my goal for my music to be authentic and truthful.”

My Thoughts

Lauren Reno has all the tools to be a star, but at the end of the day, she is creating music because she loves it. However, I walked away from this interview more impressed by Lauren Reno, the person. She has found a healthy balance between family and music, which is vital for long-term happiness in this industry. Meanwhile, Reno has more music coming this year. I hope you are as excited to hear it as I am.

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