DESTÍNA Brings a Fresh Sound to the Pop Scene in Nashville

DESTÍNA has a fresh sound in the ever-growing Nashville pop scene. The pop singer/songwriter hits you with intoxicating melodies, but her Latin roots also influence her. The combination makes you want to move your feet. DESTÍNA is one of my favorite finds of the year. Since being introduced to America as Destiny Rayne during Season 17 of The Voice in 2019, the Florida native has discovered who she wants to be as an artist. DESTÍNA is her discovery. Please keep reading to learn more about the pop singer and her music.

Florida to Nashville 

DESTÍNA, originally from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, has found a home in Nashville. But DESTÍNA’s love for music started early. The singer/songwriter said, “While growing up, I was always involved in music. As a young Mexican girl, the Mexican singer Selena Quintanilla inspired me. So after I watched the movie Selena starring Jennifer Lopez, I knew music was something I wanted to do. Growing up, I was horrible at sports, but I tried them all. So I stuck to the arts, which I loved. Then after performing in a talent show when I was eight years old, my teacher told my mom that I had something. So I got into musical theatre, choir, basically anything with singing.”

DESTÍNA admits, like most songwriters, the songs she wrote initially were not good. However, the Florida native continues to improve. She said, “After high school, I went to a music school near Ft. Lauderdale, and songwriting became more of a thing for me. While my early songs weren’t outstanding, looking back, songwriting was always a part of me. I was always coming up with melodies. My first EP was released after I finished school, but it was rough. I paid my producer about $300, and while I like those songs, they represent the old me.”

DESTÍNA Dives into Pop Music in Nashville

DESTÍNA began coming to Nashville working in the Contemporary Christian genre, but she eventually moved into the pop scene, where she combined her Spanish roots with pop music. The pop singer/songwriter said, “After “The Voice,” I began diving into pop music. Pursuing pop music in Nashville presents some challenges, but I’ve never felt unwelcome. My producer mainly works in pop music and has introduced me to many people. So, I have found a community of people. My involvement with the SongHouse has helped too.”

As someone whose songwriting leans toward the country genre, I am curious how the process of writing pop music differs. So I asked DESTÍNA about her process. She said, “Writing pop music doesn’t feel like work because it comes easy for me. I am a melody first songwriter, but I also write from personal experience. Writing pop music is freeing because you have more freedom in production. So I find a vibe that inspires the sound of each song.”

DESTÍNA celebrates the release of "Orlando"
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DESTÍNA Releases “Orlando”

DESTÍNA releases “Orlando,” the follow-up to “Who am I” and “Shouldn’t We.” She wrote the new single with Brittany Lane, Bri Fletcher, and her producer, Ryan Lau. “Orlando” is the story of her first date with her husband, Jake Bonner. Since Jake was living in Nashville, DESTÍNA moved to Music City to be closer to him. The pop singer/songwriter describes what inspired the song. She said, “I love the vibe of “Orlando.” I wanted a moody vibe like Ariana Grande’s “Let Me Love You,” and I wanted it to be mid-tempo. Lyrically, I was inspired by Harry Styles’s “Late Night Talking.” The write was easy, and we finished the song in about 4 hours. However, the addition of Hew G came late in the process. We had everything ready for mastering, but I wanted to add Hew to the song. I love how it turned out.”

Are you New to DESTÍNA?

I discovered DESTÍNA a few months ago after she reached out about the release of “Who am I.” You should know one thing about Undiscovered Nashville, I only write about people I have seen play live. So after listening to DESTÍNA’s music, I invited her to play our writer’s night, “Pre-famous.” Of course, I was an instant fan of her and her music. DESTÍNA’s mix of Latin and pop influences brings a fresh, unique sound to the pop scene in Nashville. 

DESTÍNA expresses a hope you will connect with her music. The singer/songwriter said, “I want listeners to feel an experience; maybe my songs connect with a memory of something in their life. I want my music to be attached to happy moments or reflective moments. But, in the end, I want listeners to feel something.”  Well, DESTÍNA, in my case, mission accomplished. 

My Thoughts

DESTÍNA has all the ingredients of a pop superstar, yet she remains humble. She confirmed more music is on the way, and if it is as good as what we have heard in 2022, everyone is in for a treat. I cannot wait to see where 2023 takes DESTÍNA but in the meantime, listen to her music on your favorite streaming platform.

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