Karissa Ella is Entering a New Stage of her Career

Karissa Ella is an artist I have been following for a few years, probably since her single, “Girls,” was released in 2020. However, Ella, a native of North Canton, Ohio, has only begun to cement herself in country music since graduating from Belmont University in 2018. From my observations, Karissa Ella has a bright future ahead of her. Please keep reading to learn more about Ella and her music. 

Karissa Ella Kept Quiet about Her Dreams

Karissa Ella is different than other singer/songwriters I have interviewed. While Ella loved to sing, she didn’t move to Nashville, sure of her path. The singer/songwriter said, “Growing up, I was in many musicals and was involved in select choirs. I also began taking voice lessons in 5th grade. I was a competitive dancer and cheerleader too. So, I loved the singing and dancing of musicals, but I also loved singing commercial music. But outside of those things, I didn’t grow up singing for anyone, even my family. So, when my family asked me to sing, I would refuse. I do not have a show-off personality, so when I’m off the clock, I won’t sing for anyone unless I have passionate about a new song.”

Karissa moved to Nashville to attend school at Belmont, but she kept her music dreams to herself. Ella said, “While I came to Nashville wanting to be a singer, I don’t think I told anyone while growing up or in college. So, I went to college to learn more about the music business to determine if I wanted to be involved. Even though growing up, I was always timid about my singing. Even in college, being surrounded by like-minded people, I was afraid. But it inspired and tested me. Because deep down, I always wanted to be the one on stage.”

Check out the video for Ella’s “Hometown Bar”

Finding Confidence as a Performer

Karissa Ella was challenged when she stepped into the spotlight and away from singing in a group. The singer/songwriter said, “I am a fraternal twin, so my entire life, I’ve had someone to share things with, but when it came to being on stage alone, I was terrified. The first time singing on stage by myself, I froze. My voice was shaking, and I didn’t have any stage presence. The entire time I was in college, I only sang two times in front of people. Yet, everyone around me was so confident. But Nashville inspires you. It took me a while to believe in myself, but I am growing and finding myself as a person and artist. My music is also evolving.”

Ella is Growing as a Songwriter

Karissa Ella has grown tremendously as a songwriter over the past five years. You can hear the evolution of her music since 2019 when she released her EP, “Blossom.” Since 2019, she has blossomed as a writer and artist. As I mentioned earlier, I took notice when she released her song “Girls” in 2020. However, Ella said, “2020 was a massive factor in my writing, finding myself, and developing my skills. I’ve always co-written, but that year was the first time I had the opportunity to sit down and journal. I was thinking about many ideas I wanted to write about, how I wanted to be perceived, and what I wanted to say. During 2020, I was able to write a lot of songs by myself. It was also a time when I controlled the room while writing with others. This upcoming EP is the beginning of a new stage in my career. I want to write songs that are catchy but have substance and are relatable.”

Karissa Ella releases "Well Tequila" and this is the cover art.

Karissa Ella Releases “Well Tequila”

On March 24th, Karissa Ella released her latest single, “Well Tequila.” The singer/songwriter wrote the song with Joshua Gleave, and Casey Wood produced it. The release was her first single of 2023. After the thought-provoking singles Karissa dropped last year, “Well Tequila” is a fun, party song. Ella said, “For me, upbeat songs are more challenging to write, but I needed a fun song. So when Josh and I sat down to write, I wanted an opener or closer to my set. We wrote the song in about an hour, and it’s a fun drinking song. Tequila is also my favorite.”

“Well Tequila” follows last year’s “Beautiful Is You,” written by Ella, Alex Seier, and Leslie Satcher. Last year, Ella also released the nostalgic “Hometown Bar,” written by Ella, Aubrey Toone, Cassidy Best, and Regan Rousseau. The singer/songwriter said, “A lot of the new music is nostalgic, especially “Hometown Bar.” I am from North Canton, Ohio, a relatively small town with a few bars. But it’s where I go when I visit home. The bar is where I will see everyone I know. So, the song tells a story and is reflective of our hometowns. “Beautiful is You” is about loving yourself and has gone somewhat viral on TikTok.”

Fun Facts with Karissa Ella

So who is Karissa Ella away from the music? I asked her. The singer/songwriter said, “I love margaritas and animals. I am a twin and a Harry Potter nerd. My house is Gryffindor, but I am bordering on Hufflepuff. Traveling is how I stay sane, but I love hot yoga and meditation. Many of my friends are into CrossFit, and I tried it, but I would rather do my hot yoga and grab a slice of pizza afterward.”

“Well Tequila” lyric video! You can also listen at Spotify and Apple Music!

For those New to Karissa Ella

Karissa Ella has a classic voice that could have fit well in the country music of the 1990s, but she is right where she needs to be. So, if you are new to Karissa Ella’s music, this is her hope for you. Ella said, “I hope you walk away excited with a smile. Music is so therapeutic and healing. One of the things I’ve been working on is writing music that touches on different aspects of life. I want to create music that makes you cry and help you get through a breakup or spreads positivity. It’s also important that people see me as a real person. I am just like you, and I love meeting people. When people tell me how much my music helped them, it’s special. I walk away feeling rewarded and loved. I hope they feel it is reciprocated when they meet me.”

My Thoughts

Karissa Ella has everything she needs to make it in the music industry. She has a fantastic voice with a beautiful tone. As her songwriting continues to improve, her popularity will continue to grow. So when her new EP drops this summer, Ella will continue building her fanbase. If you are new to Karissa Ella’s music, check out her music on your favorite streaming platform and download some of the tracks. My personal favorite is “Whiskey Whispers My Name.” You can thank me later. Also, if she comes to a town near you, do yourself a favor and see her play live.

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