Sophia Scott is Ready to be Country Music’s Next Breakout Star

Sophia Scott is on the verge of becoming country music’s next breakout star, but it seems she is already there. So, put her on your list of artists to watch. Scott is an artist Undiscovered Nashville has been watching since seeing her play at The Listening Room Cafe last year. I was so impressed by her talent that I asked her to play our Pre-famous show. I had the opportunity to catch up with the Colorado native during CMA Fest before she went to play at Spotify House at Ole Red. Please keep reading to learn more about Sophia Scott and her music.”

Colorado to Music City

Growing up in Colorado would lead Sophia Scott to fall in love with country music, but her journey had a few stops on the way. The singer/songwriter explained, “I grew up in Boulder, Colorado, where I fell with country. There is a cowboy culture in Colorado. We had horses, goats, pigs, and chickens at one time. So, I feel like I grew up on the farm. While it’s different from the South, it still has a connection to country music. I grew up listening to country, R&B, soul, and rock & roll. All these influences shaped my sound.” 

After graduating high school, Sophia Scott would move to California before coming to Music City. Scott said, “I went to college in San Diego before moving to Los Angeles. Then, I spent six and half years in LA making country music. During that time, I began traveling back and forth to Nashville. But, I finally moved here about three years ago. As a country musician, there are more opportunities in Nashville than in LA.”

Photo Credit: Alex Berger

The Love Songwriting and Performing

Since falling in love with music, Sophia Scott has honed her craft for many years. Maybe someday will share some of the first songs she wrote. Scott said, “My dad still has a file somewhere with the first songs I wrote. I was in 3rd grade, and my friends and I had a band called The Candy Girls. The first song I wrote was called “Cool Coffee Shop.” It’s a staple song in our family; everyone knows the words, and we sing it often. After that, I fell in love with the music of people like LeAnn Rimes, The Chicks, and James Taylor. So, songwriting was something I had to do.”

As a fan of live music, the pandemic was brutal, but live streams kept me sane. However, for artists, live stream shows are not the same. The singer/songwriter said, “The crowd’s energy was something I missed during the pandemic. You feed off the audience. That’s the beauty of live music, and it’s pretty magical. Staring at a screen without knowing if they were enjoying the show was different. But, as things have opened up, my whole world has begun to change. All the things I hoped for upon moving to Nashville are happening. I signed a record deal with Empire and a publishing deal with WarnerChappel/Unknown Music.”

Sophia Scott Learns Through Perseverance

Self-doubt and playing the comparison game are constant challenges for singer/songwriters chasing what many would say is an impossible dream. Scott said, “I have thought, this is so hard. Why is it so hard? But I heard someone say, “it’s supposed to be difficult because that’s what makes it great.” While chasing my dreams, I have grown more proud of myself. I compare myself more than I should to people who are doing better than me. But, it’s all subjective, and I have learned I can push through tough times.”

An artist’s support system can make or break them. The singer/songwriter said, “I appreciate and care about my fans who have been with me since the beginning. I am grateful for my support system of friends and family, who have watched me do this. I am sure they have thought I should give up, but they never said it. It’s nice to have people who believe in me.”  When I asked her what advice she would give those chasing their music dreams, she said, “There are so many highs and lows in this business. You often hear no, and even when you hear a yes, it often turns into a no. So, you must have thick skin, believe in yourself, and surround yourself with champions who support you no matter what.”

Sophia Scott's "One of These Days" EP cover art
Photo Credit: Alex Berger

Sophia Scott Releases her First EP, “One of These Days”

Sophia Scott has released a lot of great music in her career, but “One of These Days’ is the first EP, and she is incredibly proud of it. Scott said, “I have only released singles to this point. So this EP is a very personal project. Through my singles, I’ve told a bit of a story. But this EP feels like more than that. It’s a front-to-back, with many personal, ballad-like semi-sad songs that I’d like to think have hopeful meanings. There are also female empowerment songs and windows down party anthems.”

Choosing songs for an entire project can be nerve-wracking since sometimes you are trying to piece together a narrative through each song. Scott described, “We could only pick six songs. So, I carefully chose the ones that made sense to me as a person. The EP feels like my introduction as a storyteller and country artist with something to say. So, each song choice was important to me and my story, especially in Nashville, where I am still trying to get my feet on the ground.”

The title track, “One of These Days,” written by Sophia Scott, Cole Citrenbaum, and Nathan Fertig, turns a common phrase we all say into a fantastic song. It gives you the feeling everything will be okay. Scott said, “The title track is a personal story, which came from a vulnerable place. It reminds me that there’s strength and growth on the other side of any hardship or difficulty I go through in life. All the songs on this EP fit into the same narrative.

Random Facts with Sophia Scott

Learning fun and random things about artists I interview is always interesting. For example, Scott said, “I grew up in Colorado, so I love to ski, but I hate the cold weather. I lived in Barcelona for a year during college, so I speak decent Spanish. One thing most people would not guess is I graduated from San Diego State as an Economics major. It seems random, and I only chose it so I could go to Barcelona. It was hard, but I passed. But I still have recurring nightmares that I failed.”

Recently, Sophia Scott was a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show.” Sophia explained what that experience meant to her. She said, “I am one of her biggest fans. I grew up watching her on American Idol; Kelly is one of my biggest heroes. She not only has an amazing voice, but she is also an incredible person. It was one of the top three experiences of my life so far.”

My Thoughts

Sophia Scott is poised to be one of Country Music’s next breakout artists. Scott has all the tools; I realized this from the first time I saw her perform. The singer-songwriter has persevered even when it felt things might not happen for her. So, I hope to see big things soon from the Colorado native. So if someone from CMA reads this, seeing Scott on a CMA Fest stage next year would be incredible. If you are new to Sophia Scott’s music, go to your favorite streaming service and press play. While the new EP is excellent, her catalog is full of good music. Enjoy!

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