Presley Tennant Commands Attention with her Voice

Presley Tennant commands attention with her voice and draws you into her music with her lyrics. Four years after appearing on season sixteen of “The Voice” as a pop artist, the California native is gaining the attention of country music fans. Tennant strives for authenticity in the music she releases as it gives us a glimpse into her life. Please keep reading to learn more about Tennant and her music. 

Presley Tennant is an Experienced Performer

Presley Tennant, like others, is chasing her music dreams, but she seems like a veteran of the music business at a young age. Tennant explained, “I am from Norco, California, a small town where I began singing at seven years old. When I was ten years old, I started singing professionally with a group called, The Five LPs or Five Little Princesses. While the group fizzled out, I fell in love with the music industry, writing, recording, and being on stage.”

Tennant began her music career singing pop music, but she would rediscover her country roots. The California native said, “At thirteen, I started my solo career. Then, I was on season 16 of “The Voice.” Working with Kelly Clarkson was a dream come true at sixteen years old. Kelly had been an idol of mine since I began singing. After the show, I embraced my love of country music, which provided opportunities for me to open up for artists like Blake Shelton, Cody Johnson, and John Michael Montgomery.”

Thinking about your next song? –Photo Credit: Raul Esparza

Presley Tennant Talks About Her Musical Style

For those new to Presley Tennant’s music, we asked her to describe her sound and writing. Tennant said, “I have a powerhouse voice, so I gravitate toward artists like Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, and Chris Stapleton when I listen to music. These artists have a powerful, commanding presence kind of voice.” Tennant also has a voice that shines through in her music. Her vocals certainly make you pay attention.

Combine Tennant’s vocal prowess with songs that paint a picture, and you have a winning combination. Presley said, “Regarding my writing style, I would listen to Ashley McBryde and Caylee Hammack. I love when you hear a song and can also see it. In many ways, my music reflects that.”

Presley Tennant is not a copycat artist; she is creating a sound of her own. The singer/songwriter said, “While I take inspiration from many artists, I am making an avenue from where I am and who I am. My song, “Gamble on You,” is not your typical country song; it has some rock and soul elements. When you listen to “Bite the Bullet,” there are some Miranda and Carrie vibes. Ultimately, my music is an extension of me. But, I don’t want to limit myself. When you hear my songs, I want you to know it’s Presley Tennant.”

Music Brings People Together

I am not sure who said this, but I love the phrase, where words fail, music speaks. Music is a universal language that cuts through the noise of the world surrounding us. Tennant agrees. Presley said, “I love that people can relate to a song differently. For example, someone could write something like my song, “Half that Strong,” which I wrote about my dad. But, for others, that song could be about their mom, grandparents, aunt, uncle, or friends. That’s the beauty of music. It means something different for everyone. Music is the one thing that brings us all together.”

Photo Credit: Raul Esparza

More on Tennant’s Songwriting

Songwriters can write for radio, write from the heart, or they can attempt to do both. Tennant seems to be doing both. The singer/songwriter said, “I write or co-write almost every song I release. It’s something from my personal experience or at least something I find relatable. So there are different avenues in my music in which people can get to know me.”

Every songwriter has certain songs that mean more to them or those of which they are most proud. Tennant discussed some of the favorites she has written. But, the singer/songwriter said, “Half that Strong” is the one I am most proud of because it’s about my dad. I had the most creative control on “Gamble on You.” “Bite the Bullet” is just a fun song, and “Always You” is about the one that got away.”

New single from Presley Tennant called Break my Heart
Listen to Presley’s new single on Apple Music or Spotify

Presley Tennant releases “Break my Heart”

On September 16th, Presley Tennant dropped her latest single, “Break my Heart.” The song follows her girl POV cover of Zach Bryan’s “Something in the Orange.” Tennant’s cover video of Bryan’s song went viral on TikTok, prompting her to release her version. “Break my Heart” is Presley’s second original release of 2022. “Gamble on You” came out in the Spring.” 

“Gamble on You” gave us Tennant’s signature powerhouse vocals and reminded us to take a risk on love. So “Break my Heart” is the perfect follow-up to “Gamble on You” because it tells the story of someone hopelessly in love but not in an ideal relationship. The melody draws you in, and the lyrics are relatable. So many of us have been in that relationship that we desperately want to work and are willing to accept less than we deserve. 

Check out the lyric video for “Break my Heart”

Fun Facts and Lessons Learned with Presley Tennant

So who is Presley Tennant outside of the music? Tennant said, “I am a huge outdoors person. I love being at the lake, snowboarding, and riding quads. So I am not sure this is fun, but it is a weird fact. I can sing and talk with my mouth closed and know all the periodic table elements.”

Presley shared the best piece of advice she received from Kelly Clarkson while on “The Voice.” Tennant said, “Kelly told me to be my most authentic self through my music. You have to look at yourself in the mirror. So you should do it for yourself first.”

My Thoughts

Presley Tennant has everything she needs to be a star in the music industry. But, one thing I noticed, Presley is humble. She has tremendous vocal talent; her songwriting is good and will only improve. I am excited to see where Tennant goes, but in the meantime, let’s enjoy where she is at and the music she is releasing. 

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