April Kry Releases a New Album, “Krysalis,” and it’s Fantastic

April Kry is one of the most gifted vocalists I’ve ever seen. Kry’s voice is powerful and soulful. A little over three years ago, I was at a writer’s round at The Local during CMA week, and I left amazed by several, specifically April Kry. So it was only a matter of time before we featured Kry on Undiscovered Nashville. The wait for Kry’s new album was long, but I finally had the opportunity to talk about her life and music with April. Please keep reading to learn more about April’s story and her music. 

April Kry was Born to Sing

April Kry followed her father’s footsteps in the music industry but embarked on a different path. Kry said, “I got into music because my dad was a musician who played a lot of different instruments and the worship leader at our church. My dad started a band called Eastgate, and they did some touring. Eastgate opened for some more significant acts in the Contemporary Christian scene, such as Jars of Clay and Six Pence None the Richer. I remember sitting at the merch table at one of his concerts, and I was probably thirteen or fourteen. So, I was always interested in music, but that was when I knew a music career was what I wanted and began focusing on it.”

April Kry would soon set her sights on Music City. The singer/songwriter said, “I am originally from Connecticut, but during high school, I began coming back and forth to Nashville. So after graduation, I decided I needed to move. But, even before Nashville became so popular, there was a community of writers. I fell in love with the small-town feel of this town, and that same feeling is still here. So when I got to Nashville, I found my tribe of people who helped me find my sound at the time. While I began more in the pop world, I met more country writers after moving here. So, I started writing country music and fell in love with the storytelling aspect of it.”

April Kry quickly made a name for herself in Nashville. Kry said, “A few years after moving here, Metric Records, an independent record label signed me to a record deal. They were a country label, so I jumped into country music. However, I am back to my pop, soulful roots with my new project. As an artist, you are always growing. I hate categories and boxes, but you have to label yourself. In reality, all genres are a mix of other genres.”

“Your voice is a muscle, so you must preserve it and work it.”

April Kry’s Development as a Songwriter and a Performer

April Kry has spent many years honing her craft to become a better songwriter and performer. As a result, she can hold her own against some of the world’s best writers and performers. The singer/songwriter said, “I began writing before I moved to Nashville, and I also had a management deal right after high school for a couple of years. But my co-writing experience was limited before moving to town. There weren’t many opportunities for songwriting in Connecticut, so I kept coming to town.”

As I mentioned earlier, April Kry is a world-class vocalist. However, Kry was not always a powerhouse singer. Kry explained, “I didn’t always have the power in my voice, but through vocal lessons, I honed in on my technique. I began singing more when I was about ten or eleven years old. At the time, I thought I couldn’t belt. So, my mom found a vocal coach in the local newspaper. After my first lesson, I could belt to a high D or E. I was floored. He said you always had it in you, but you had to learn to use your voice. Your voice is a muscle, so you must preserve it and work on it.”

April Kry Balances Motherhood and Music

In the past few years, April Kry got married and welcomed the birth of her first child. However, a career in the music industry is time-consuming, and it can be challenging to maintain a balance in your family life. But Kry said, “Becoming a mother has given me time to step back and take a break. My heart told me when I was ready to jump back into it. You have to take time for yourself and your baby. But now that my son is older, I don’t have to be with him 24/7. So, I’m in a good rhythm now. I am thankful to have a husband who supports me and my music. I try to do 3-4 shows a month to maintain the balance between family and music.” 

The new album from April Kry
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April Kry Releases a Concept Album Titled “Krysalis”

The overarching theme of April Kry’s new album is personal growth. Songs like “Watered Down” share a message about refusing to allow people to keep you from reaching your full potential. Likewise, “Crowd Pleaser” is about being true to yourself and living the life you choose instead of trying to please everyone. April’s music brings positivity and empowerment to a world that can be dark sometimes. 

Kry talks about the process behind the album. The singer/songwriter said, “I began writing for this album over three to four years, but I didn’t realize it at the time. I’ve always wanted to do a concept album. This record talks about the growing stage, which is why I named it “Krysalis” with a K, of course. The album features a lot of different themes. For example, there’s a song about being in a relationship with an alcoholic. “Seven or Seventeen” was written about my unborn son at the time and all the emotions you feel. I got married and left my record deal during the few years I was writing this album. So, I was changing as a person and an artist.”

Recording as an Independent Artist

Recording an album as an independent artist brings challenges and even more with the pandemic. Kry discussed some of those challenges. The singer/songwriter said, “I’ve had to re-learn how to do everything myself as an independent artist again. You can focus on your art while your team works in the background when you are in a record deal. There are a couple of songs about that transition stage from everyone telling me how to look and sound. Now, I want to be me and make music that I enjoy listening to.”

When the pandemic hit in 2020, many artists delayed releasing new music because studios were closed. But, some forged ahead by recording remotely. Kry explains why she had to wait to release “Krysalis.” But, April said, “I decided to do the album and had saved enough money right when the pandemic hit. I wanted this album to have a pop/R&B vibe, so I reached out to my friends at 9 AM Music, who is based in Los Angeles. So we had to record it remotely. I wanted the album to come out sooner, but I got pregnant. But everything happened for a reason, and I think this is the perfect time for the release.”

Lessons Learned and Kry’s Hope as an Artist

April Kry has evolved as a person and an artist since moving to Nashville. The singer/songwriter explains, “I’ve learned I am stronger than I once thought. When I first came to Nashville, I was the most naive person, believing everyone had good intentions. Now, I hate to say I’m jaded, but I am no longer afraid to fight for myself as an artist and a person. I’ve learned it’s okay to say no.”

If you are new to April Kry, here is what she wants you to know about her and her music. Kry said, “Honestly, I hope fans can relate to my music somehow. I purposely have so many themes on this new record because I want people to relate to it more deeply. That’s what “Krysalis” is about. Also, I want to be a positive role model, especially since I am a mother. So much of the music I hear is so negative, making me sad that kids are listening to it. I believe what music you listen to goes into your heart. So, I want my music to bring light to the world.”

My Thoughts

With April Kry, what you see is what you get. She is a fantastic singer and songwriter, but she is also genuinely kind. The wait for new music from Kry was long, but it was worth the wait. “Krysalis” features ten songs, and eight of them are new.” I encourage you to listen to the album front to back, and if you don’t walk away moved by the music, I will be shocked.

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