Erin Grand and Her Latest Single is a Mood

Erin Grand discovered her passion for music at a young age, and it has led to her first single since moving to Nashville. Her single, “Mood” was released on October 16th, and it is indeed a mood. I have seen her perform this song live several times and was excited for it to be released. I am also excited to introduce Erin Grand to our readers. Undiscovered Nashville was fortunate to have seen Erin play for the first time at Nashville Tour Stop last December with Lance Carpenter and Allie Dunn. We were blown away by her performance. Erin Grand has everything she needs to be wildly successful in the music industry. Please keep reading to learn more about Erin and her latest single. 

From Minnesota to the Music City

Erin Grand is one of several talented singer-songwriters from Minnesota. She is the second singer-songwriter we have featured from the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” Grand said, “Growiing up in Minnesota was great; everyone is Minnesota nice. In every community I lived in around the Twin Cities, people were always supportive of my music. I got started in my music career in the church. At eight years old, I auditioned for the worship team and was accepted. One of the worship leaders was looking to start a secular band, and I was the lead singer at ten years old. When I was thirteen, we were getting good and began landing paid gigs. I played with this band until my sophomore year of high school. Our lead guitar player was ten years old. Everyone in the band was between ten to fifteen years old.”

Erin Grand did not have your typical high school experience due to her passion for music, but that was okay with her. The singer-songwriter said, “The only job I have ever had is playing music until I moved to Nashville. Instead of Friday night football games, I was playing shows. Instead of going to Homecoming, I went to see Carrie Underwood to learn how she does her job. My whole life was based around music, and I was okay with that because I hated school. I don’t regret any of the decisions I made even though I missed out on the social aspects of high school.”

Grand hit the ground running after moving to Nashville because she was not new to the music scene here. Grand said, “I began coming to Nashville during my sophomore year of high school. During the year before I moved to Nashville, I began coming once a month. I finally moved to Nashville in February of this year.” However, Erin did not have the typical first-year experience in Nashville due to the pandemic. The singer-songwriter said, “Honestly, it was okay. I would have much rather have been in Nashville than back in Minnesota during all this. I love my family, but I have learned to live on my own without being bombarded with music stuff. Because I had never lived away from home, it has been relaxing for me. Being in Nashville gives you good vibes.”

Erin Grand is bringing joy to her fans.

Developing her Passion for Music

Erin Grand’s time spent playing in a band cultivated her passion for performing, but her love for songwriting would come later. Grand said, “I didn’t have the passion for songwriting in high school that I do now. I didn’t know how to write, but I had all these things to say. At the time, we lived our lives playing covers. Once the duo I played in ended, I began writing more. During my senior year, I knew I needed to focus more on my songwriting.”

It seems Grand knew music was her path during school. She thought only of music. The Minnesota native said, “music was my plan. When everyone was thinking about going to college, my teachers encouraged me to make music. During school, I skipped many classes to go to these soundproof rooms to play and write music. I would bring my guitar to school and hide it in my choir teacher’s classroom.  It was here she began cultivating her love of songwriting. 

Grand described why she loves performing for people. The singer-songwriter said, “I love the rush right before I go on stage. I get very nervous, but once I am up there, it goes away. I love that feeling. Sharing stories with people who care to hear them is also something I love to do. Having fun and bringing joy to people is amazing. Music is one thing that brings people together. When you go to a concert, and everyone’s so focused on the music. It doesn’t matter who they are or where they come from. It is such a great feeling when you are the one bringing joy.”

Erin Grand performing at Song Suffragettes at The Listening Room in Nashville, TN

Fun Facts with Erin Grand

Fun facts are always an exciting part of the interview because so many never think of what is fun about themselves. Grand said, “Many people think because I am from Minnesota, I love cold weather, but I hate it. I have never liked winter, so I love the hot weather in Tennessee. This past summer was the best.

What does Erin like to do when she is not playing music? Erin said, “I love to play golf; my whole family plays. My grandfather taught me to play.” Being from Minnesota, you might expect Erin to be able to make a good “hot dish.” Grand said, “I can’t cook at all; it’s comical. My family has several hot dishes that we make. I also love trying new restaurants, gardening, and I can speak mediocre French.” 

Cover art of Erin Grand's latest single, "Mood"
“Mood” Cover Art

Erin Grand Releases “Mood”

Erin Grand released “Mood,” her first single since moving to Nashville, on October 16th. The song has a killer melody, and as the title suggests, it’s a mood. The singer-songwriter said, “The song is something a little different, and it may shock some people. It’s pop-country and has a lot of soul. I had previously released a country EP, but I am trying to completely re-brand myself with this song. I had a melody and a chorus when I brought the idea to Joey Ebach. He said, I love Mood and the melody, but we are going to change all of these lyrics.”

Grand explains what sparked the idea. Erin said, “Maren Morris was a major inspiration behind the song. It was about the time Maren started to bloom with the release of “My Church.” I had written the chorus and had a melody, as I was listening to Morris around that time.” The song features some pop grooves but features some country storytelling in the verses. If you haven’t heard “Mood” yet, you can listen to it on Apple Music or Spotify.

Erin Grand is the real thing, so give her a follow on social media. Keep up with Erin and her Music. If she keeps releasing grooves like “Mood,” she has a bright future ahead of her. Undiscovered Nashville thinks her future will burn so bright; it will keep Erin warm in a Minnesota winter.

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