Listening to Hannah Goebel Sing is a High Point in Life

Life has highs and lows, but listening to Hannah Goebel sing is a high point in life. Goebel has released her third single of 2020, “Highs and Lows.” The current single is the follow up to “Love Spent” and “Hold On.”  

Nebraska to Nashville 

Our love and appreciation of music begin when we are young. For so many of us, we grow up appreciating the music our parents liked. Goebel said, “My parents are not musically talented, but they listened to 60s, 70s, and 80s music. They always played it around the house, so I had an appreciation for music at a young age. I would sing around the house, but I was shy. My singing started in the bathroom or the shower. I feel like my family brought it out of me.”

A little known fact about Nashville is that there is more than country music being written and played here. Hannah Goebel’s music is a cross between pop and R & B. Hannah’s love of this genre started in high school. Goebel said, “My mom started me in Blues Ed, which is sponsored by the Blues Society of Omaha. Through that, I became a lead singer of my first band during my freshman year of high school. Performing in front of people was new for me. I was kind of shy, but this group helped my confidence. That’s where I found my love for pop, R & B, and soul.

Hannah Goebel performing at NashHouse

Why Nashville?

While Los Angeles is pop, R&B, and rap heavy, Hannah Goebel chose to move to Nashville four years ago. The singer/songwriter said, “I was about to turn eighteen and graduate high school. I was deciding between going to college or trying to make a career in the music business. I reached out to my first producer in Nashville, Nick Sturms. He was intrigued and wanted to hear more of my songs.” 

Goebel continued, “Nick and I did two or three Skype sessions before going to LA to meet him while he was on tour opening for The Band Perry. The second time we met in Nashville, and I fell in love with the city on that trip. Thankfully, my parents moved me to Nashville. It was the best decision I have made; I love it here.”

"Love Spent" cover art
“Love Spent” cover photo by: Casey Moore

Writing for Pop and R&B

After talking with many songwriters in the past year, we have learned that everyone’s writing process is a little different. One question I had for Hannah was if writing for her style of music is different than country music. The singer/songwriter said, “I like to start with a melody and vibe with it. Then I want to put down three things: sad, upbeat, or a lonesome kind of thing. It’s like a theme. From that, I branch out into different ideas like an outline. I call it brain dumping.”

Hannah Goebel Releases her latest single, “Highs and Lows.”

Goebel released her latest single, “Highs and Lows,” on March 20th. Goebel explained the song is about social media addiction. The singer/songwriter said, “Two weeks before I wrote the song, I walked into a party. Everyone was on their phones or snapping. No one was having a one on one conversation. That sparked the idea for the song, and I am sure a lot of people will relate to it.”

Goebel released two singles before this latest song. “Love Spent” was the first single fo 2020. Goebel said, “It was emotionally relationship-driven. When you are at a point in the relationship, and you are just tired of it.”  “Hold On” was released in February. Hannah said, “It was a song about holding on to what you have. Life is too short, and you should live it together. You love each other for the best and worst.

We are looking forward to more releases from Hannah Goebel. The soulful singer is planning to release a single each month this year. Hannah and her brother, David, are spending their quarantine time writing and recording in their home studio. David Goebel moved to Nashville to help his sister with her music, after leaving his job in finance a year ago. David has co-written and produced her all her singles this year. 

Hannah Goebel Highs & Lows cover art
photo by: Casey Moore

Fun Facts about Hannah Goebel

You might remember Hannah from season 14 of “The Voice,” where she chose to be a member of Team Kelly. However, the singer/songwriter had to leave the show before the battle round due to personal reasons. Goebel said of the show, “It was one of the greatest experiences that I have had. I met so many talented and dedicated people.”

If Hannah Goebel had chosen a different path, our ears would not be blessed by her soulful voice. However, our palates may have enjoyed her cooking. Goebel said, “I am a food connoisseur, and I love to cook. If I were not making music, my back up would be being a chef.”

Since Hannah loves food so much, I asked her about her favorite food. The singer/songwriter said, “I am obsessed with pickles. Every time I go to the store, I am looking for the pickles. It doesn’t matter what kind, sweet, or dill. I have even tried to make my own. If I could live off one food for the rest of my life, it would be pickles.”

Look for New Music Soon

Hannah Goebel will be releasing a lot of music this year. If you have not listened to her music before, please check her music on your favorite streaming platforms. We hope you will enjoy her soulful voice as much as we do. Also, follow her on Instagram @hannahgoebelmusic 

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