The Hobbs Sisters, We Will Never Find Another

The Hobbs Sisters, we will never find another duo like them. The sister duo has released a long-awaited new single, “Never Find Another.” Lauren and Hannah Hobbs have been making music together for years, but finally moved to Nashville about a little over two years ago. Their music is easy to relate to, and their voices harmonize beautifully together. Undiscovered Nashville was excited to sit down with The Hobbs Sisters to learn more about them and their music.

The Beginning of a Duo

 Lauren and Hannah Hobbs, twin sisters, grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was in Pittsburgh, where the sister duo would hone their voices. The singer/songwriters said, “Our grandfather on our father’s side, was a musician by ear. He loved to play the guitar and banjo. We would visit our grandparents, and he would play while we sang along.” 

Lauren and Hannah’s father also influenced their music. The duo said,  “Our dad was a country music fan. He would always listen to it in the car or watch videos on CMT. When we started our music, it would be country music.” 

The Hobbs Sisters were not only honing their voices and those beautiful harmonies. The singer/songwriters said, “We played piano until we were thirteen or fourteen years old. At that time, we started playing the guitar. After we learned a few chords, we began writing songs early on during high school.”

The Hobbs Sisters’ Growth as Songwriters

The one thing that songwriters in Nashville will tell you is that moving to town made them a better songwriter. However, the time you spend writing before moving to Music City has tremendous value. Hannah said, “You look back at some of your old songs, and it’s kind of embarrassing that you wrote that.” Lauren said, “I found some old notebooks the last time I was home in Pittsburgh. It was so fun to look back at songs I had written at fifteen or sixteen. They felt like hit songs at that age.”

 The Hobb Sisters tested the water in Nashville before moving here. The singer/songwriters said, “After we graduated college before we moved here, we were splitting time between Pittsburgh and Nashville. We were trying to get a feel for it, to see if we liked it and if we could hack it. We had not co-written before coming to Nashville, and we have learned so much from writing with others. 

The songwriting community in Nashville, based on collaboration, is impressive. Hannah said, “One of the coolest things about Nashville is getting three or four musicians in a room, and creating a song that didn’t exist before.” The duo said, “It has not lost its appeal, and its almost as exciting as it was when we first started.”

The Hobbs Sisters sharing their beautiful harmonies

Remember It’s a Business

One of the most important things a singer/songwriter needs to recognize upon moving to Nashville is it’s a business. The Hobbs Sisters are self-managed. The duo said, “When you are starting, all you have is your name and reputation. Growing up, you think you are going to be a singer. However, what they don’t realize is music is only a fraction of what we do.”

As an independent artist, talent alone is not enough. The singer/songwriters said, “If you want to make a living or career out of playing music, there are so many parts of the industry with which you have to be familiar. You have to treat it like a business because it is. There are a lot of things you can’t control, but you can control how you conduct your business.

The Hobbs Sisters admitted there is a learning curve when you come to Music City. They said, “It was a little overwhelming trying to book writes or writer’s rounds when you don’t know anyone. However, you will find your community of people after you have been here a while. One of the best parts of Nashville is the number of people who are willing to share their knowledge or experiences with you. Also, when you want to quit, don’t because the next meeting you take might change your life.”

The Hobbs Sisters are Natural Performers

Every time I have seen The Hobbs Sisters perform in Nashville, I am always amazed. Many people were songwriters before they became singers. However, Lauren and Hannah were performers first. The singer/songwriters, “We performed a lot before we dove into songwriting. Being on stage has always been a crucial part of what we do.”  Hannah said, “I love the whole cycle of writing, recording, releasing a song, and getting to perform it on stage.”  Lauren said, “There is something magical about the energy of being on stage and seeing the crowd’s reaction.”

The summer and fall are a busy time for touring musicians, and The Hobbs Sisters are no different. The duo said, “We have not played many full band shows in Nashville, but we are starting to put a group together in town. However, we have a band in Pittsburgh. We play a lot of fairs and festivals in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and New York in the summer. We are slowing making our way down south. 

The Hobbs Sisters new single, Never Find Another Cover Art
The Hobbs Sisters new single

The Hobbs Sisters Release “Never Find Another” 

Undiscovered Nashville has been patiently awaiting new music from The Hobb Sisters since we met the duo over a year ago. “Never Find Another” is another incredible song. Lauren and Hannah co-wrote the song with Greg Bates. Bates also produced the single along with Ben Jackson.

The Hobb Sisters have a knack for writing authentic, relatable, yet commercial-friendly music. “Never Find Another” does not disappoint. The singer/songwriters said, “We wanted to write a feel-good song. The song is about when you find someone amazing. In your heart, you know that you will never find anyone as good as them, and you wouldn’t want to.”

The Hobbs Sisters will follow up on the current single with more music this summer. Undiscovered Nashville can’t wait to hear more from this fantastic duo. Take some time to listen to their previous releases as well. Give these ladies a follow on social media and support their music, because they are the real deal! 

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