Becca Bowen Shines and So Does Her New Single “Glitter”

Becca Bowen is at home on stage, but she is also at home sitting in a deer stand or fishing on a lake. Many call her Country Barbie, and it is undoubtedly on brand for Bowen. However, Bowen’s ability to connect with a song piqued my interest in South Carolina native. As we began peeling back the layers of Becca Bowen, you will find a woman who has persevered through difficult times to be where she is today. Please keep reading to learn about Bowen and her music.

Becca Bowen Was Born to Sing

Becca Bowen grew up singing in West Columbia, South Carolina. Like many others, Bowen got her began singing in church. The singer/songwriter said, “I was in the kid’s choir at my church, and my mom heard me sing. So mom asked if I wanted to start singing. She set up a small sound system in our garage, where I would practice. The Crusaders, a gospel group that went to our church, heard me sing and asked me if I wanted to sing with them. The first song I performed with them was “I am a Promise.”

The experience Becca gained from her time with The Crusaders was invaluable. Bowen continued, “I began singing at five years old, traveling around with The Crusaders. I only sang a few songs, but it allowed me to see the life on the road. I have pursued music ever since. When I was a teenager, I opened for Alabama. Also, I opened for Kirk Franklin at the Special Olympics in Atlanta. So many doors were opened for me, which led me to Nashville. 

Remembering Her Love for Music

Becca Bowen’s love for music blossomed at five years old, but sometimes life hits us hard, and we lose ourselves. Bowen said, “I went to Nashville years ago, and I had some life circumstances hit me. It threw me for a loop. I went through a lot of heartbreak and other things, and I felt like I was ready to give up music and focus on myself.”

Bowen credits Jimmie Allen with helping her regain her passion for music. The singer/songwriter said, “Jimmie Allen was playing my hometown, and I had known Jimmie for a while. So, I told him I would come to see the show. We talked before the show, and I asked him who was singing “Shallow” with him, and he said, “You are!” At this point, I stopped singing for the most part, but Jimmie said, “You need this.” So, I sang the song with him. Honest to God, I thought I could not give up on this dream once I got back on stage, saw the crowd, and felt their energy. I am so thankful for Jimmie Allen because I need to find my voice. I had given up what made Becca Bowen who she was.”

Becca Bowen Shines like glitter.
Becca Bowen shines like glitter! –Photo courtesy of Perkins Publicity

Becca Bowen Gives Nashville Another Chance

Singing on stage with Jimmie Allen reignited Becca’s passion for music. Bowen said, “Shortly after that performance, I began going to Nashville every other week and working with people I had known from before. So I was able to pick up where I left off. Now, I have a place in town. But truthfully, if I had never gotten back on stage when I did, I may have laid low for a long time.”

I am certain Becca’s story is relatable to some of our readers, but music can heal you as it did for her. The singer/songwriter said, “It was music that saved me.  It was through music that I found my purpose. When little girls come up after shows and talk to me about my song, “Just Be You,” and how it touched them. To come from how low I was to where I am today, I know this is where I am supposed to be.”

Lessons Learned from Struggle

For Becca Bowen, chapter two in her Nashville story features a stronger and more confident woman. Bowen said, “I have learned someone is always going through something worse, so it helps me realize my problems are not too big. I refuse to let anyone take my joy and never give anyone power over me. My faith in God is stronger, and today, I am also a stronger person.”  

Becca also became a more confident performer. Bowen said, “After returning to Nashville, I was intimidated because I had been out of the game for a while. How could I compare with all this talent? But, in the past year, I have grown more confident. Regarding other artists in Nashville, I have never met so many wonderful, encouraging, and supportive people in my life. These artists, who have become my friends, welcomed me back to Nashville with open arms. Their support is what gave me confidence on stage.”

Listen to Becca Bowen’s new single, “Glitter”

Becca Bowen Shines Like “Glitter” with Her Latest Release

Bowen’s latest single, “Glitter,” was released on January 28, 2022. The song continues Bowen’s trend to begin the year with a positive message. Last year, she released a song called “Just Be You.” “Glitter” was written by Rebecca Lynn Howard, Lindsey Lee Taylor, Oliver Visconti, and Stephanie Lozzach. Sal Oliveri produced the single. You can listen on Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming platforms.

The excitement about “Glitter” was all over Becca’s face as she told me about the song. The singer/songwriter said, “The minute I heard it, even though I didn’t know who had sent it, I knew I had to cut this song. This song is an anthem for everyone who has struggled or not felt good enough. Don’t let anyone take your sparkle because you shine like glitter.”

Can you imagine Becca’s reaction when she learned someone she admired growing up had co-written “Glitter” and pitched the song to her producer? Bowen said, “When Sal told me Rebecca Lynn Howard had bee a writer on this song, it was a blessing. I adored Rebecca Lynn growing up, and to top it off, she sang the background vocals on the single. Somehow, I kept it together while she was in the studio, but I broke down crying when she left. That experience meant so much and will carry me.”

Why is she known as Country Barbie?

I was curious how Becca Bowen got the nickname “country barbie.” After the interview, it’s undoubtedly on brand for Bowen. The singer/songwriter said, “I am a southern belle, but I am also a country girl. I could go fishing with my grandfather one weekend and be in a beauty pageant the next. One minute I was a tomboy playing in the mud, and the next, I was wearing a tiara waving at the parade crowd. When I get into something I enjoy, I am hardcore. People would see me sing wearing all the glitter and in camo, too, so people began calling me country barbie.”

While the nickname stuck, Becca Bowen is more than a country girl with a pretty face, which might be why she was “reluctant to be called country barbie.”  But Bowen said, “After a while, I just rolled with it. I loved Barbie, and she could be anything.  Interestingly, Bowen’s authenticity would be tested when cast on an Outdoor Channel reality show, “For Love or Likes.” The singer/songwriter said, “A video of me noodling a 45-pound catfish went viral, which got me cast on a reality show designed to see if you loved to hunt and fish or was it all for likes. But, of course, I ended up winning the show, so the nickname “country barbie” is here to stay.” 

Hey Country Barbie! Nice Boots!
Hey Country Barbie! Nice Boot! -Photos courtesy of Perkins Publicity

Fun Facts with Becca Bowen. 

Everything about Becca Bowen is on-brand. Bowen said, “I love pink, hunting, fishing, and driving my Chevy Silverado. I even had a pet squirrel, which I rehabilitated and released into my backyard. The squirrel comes to see me every day.   I also work as a personal trainer. Because I love those ladies so much, I will come back and forth to Nashville to teach my aerobics class.” If that doesn’t say “Country Barbie,” what does? 

My Thoughts

Becca Bowen is one of the most authentic artists I have met in Nashville. In 2021, she caught my attention. So, I had her on my list of artists I wanted to feature in 2022. The release of “Glitter” made for the perfect opportunity to sit down with Country Barbie. Bowen is a ray of sunshine in a world that can be gloomy. Undiscovered Nashville hope you have enjoyed getting to know more about Becca Bowen because I certainly did. Rest assured, more music is on the way for Country Barbie in 2022, but in the meantime, listen to and shine like “Glitter.”

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