Bri Fletcher is Finding a Way to Stand Out In Nashville

Bri Fletcher is quickly making a name for herself in Nashville as the pandemic has begun subsiding and live music is coming back. Fletcher, originally from Ft. Worth, Texas, has impressed people with her vocals and songwriting. I pride myself on knowing about new artists in town, but Fletcher somehow stayed off my radar until recently. After releasing the “Glow” project and seeing her perform a few times, she came to my attention. Please keep reading to learn more about Bri and her latest single, “Love Me Back.”

Bri Fletcher Pushes to Chase a Lifelong Dream

When you ask young children what they want to be when they grow up, you will get various answers like firefighter, cowboy, professional athlete, doctor, etc. However, Bri Fletcher would have given a different answer. Fletcher said, “I’ve told people since I was three years old that I was going to be a rockstar. There has never been anything else. I remember in 8th grade, I did a singing audition, but they didn’t like me. However, I didn’t care because this was what I wanted to do. I remember thinking I have to make this work because it’s the only thing I feel in my heart is 100 percent me and what I want to do with my life.”

Bri Fletcher is similar to many songwriters who used writing to process the painful parts of childhood. The singer-songwriter said, “At twelve years old, I began writing my music. I used to carry this binder in elementary and middle school, where I would write about anything that made me sad. It was like a journal but in song form. At recess, I was the weird kid who would go off in a corner, write songs, and sing them to myself. When I got into middle school and started dating, if you can call it that, and dealing with heartbreak, that started to spark a lot of my writing, that’s when I began writing about something relatable.”

In addition to writing, Fletcher also recorded some of those early songs. Bri said, “At fifteen, I started recording in the studio like I was cool or something.”  The first songs you write typically are not very good. So, I asked Bri what are her thoughts when she listens to those first songs she recorded. Fletcher said, “It’s cringy. Some of them are alright, but it’s cringy for sure. That girl was too emotional.”

Texas or Nashville

Tennesee and Texas have a rivalry about who has the best barbecue, and they also have a country music rivalry. Texas country is essentially a separate genre. Bri Fletcher grew up in Ft. Worth, so it’s only natural she tried her hand in the Texas music scene. Fletcher said, “When I graduated high school, I knew I wanted to move to Nashville, but I started doing the Texas scene for a while, playing anywhere I could in Dallas and Ft. Worth. I was doing the Texas Red Dirt country circuit. If you are not familiar with that, it’s a specific type of country music. However, I didn’t fit into that scene because while I grew up listening to country, I also listened to pop music. So when you hear me sing live, I don’t sound very country or very pop. It’s a mixture.”

Eventually, Bri Fletcher would realize Nashville was a better fit for her music. The singer/songwriter said, “I was pretty much the only person doing my kind of music in Texas, and I knew the Nashville music scene was more inclusive. I also knew Nashville has other genres, which allows me to write with pop people, country people, and Christian artists. All of that has helped me figure out what I wanted my sound to be, which I didn’t find until I moved to Nashville. Two years ago, my husband and I decided to move to Nashville. In the time I have been here, I’ve done more than all the time I spent in Texas.”

 Bri Fletcher’s First Year Nashville Experience

During the first year in town, the approach songwriters take differs, but the one common theme is self-doubt. Fletcher said, “My first year in Nashville was challenging. It was pretty devastating because there was this huge shock factor. You come to town thinking you are good, and then it’s like, crap, I might not be good. There are already enough good people, and you go through this internal mind battle.”

The learning curve upon moving to town is substantial. The singer/songwriter continued, “While my husband is my biggest fan, we moved here without knowing anyone. We didn’t have any friends. We didn’t know where to go or what to do. So my first year was a lot of trial and error of learning the right things to do. I found it difficult getting people to book me to shows or even write with me. It was a lot of rejection that caused me to doubt everything. But, I kept going. Then, right before Covid hit, I had everything lined up. I had made friends I love and good connections.”

The ladies want you to know you are not alone.

The Glow Collaboration

One event that led me to Bri Fletcher was the release of “Glow.” Such a collaboration would take time and planning, and Fletcher explains how it came together. The singer/songwriter said, “In the first year of trying to meet people, I went to an all-girl networking event, which is where I met Katie Austin. The first write Katie and I had together; she comes into the room with an idea about a glowstick, of how you don’t glow until you are broken. So, we wrote the song “Glow,” but we sat on the song for almost a year. 

Thankfully, Fletcher and Austin were not done with the song. Fletcher said, “The next time we wrote, I said I have a crazy idea. What if we have a ton of female artists sing this song with us? While Katie loved the idea, I said, wait, there is more. What if everyone on this project, from producers, musicians, videographers be women? It took a while to plan and put together, but it turned out to be so amazing. I was so happy to be a part of it because I always want to be inclusive and supportive of other artists.”

Coincidentally, the collaboration included three of our previously featured artists: Sara Spicer, Ashlie Amber, and Kaylin Roberson. In addition to Fletcher and Katie Austin, the song also featured these talented ladies: Liv Charette, April Kry, Tori Allen, and Brailey Lenderman. Be sure to follow these ladies as they are sure to make their presence known in the music community for years to come.

Love Me Back by Bri Fletcher album cover

Bri Fletcher Releases her latest single, “Love Me Back”

Bri Fletcher released “Love Me Back” on June 4th, which added to an impressive collection of previously released songs. Those who have been in a relationship that you knew should end, but you didn’t want to hurt someone who loves you, will relate to this song. You can listen to it on Apple Music or Spotify, and you can watch the lyric video below.

Fletcher discusses the inspiration behind the song. The singer/songwriter said, “Before Kaylin Roberson and I wrote the song, I had recently taken Ryan Tedder’s Songwriting Class. He talked about taking a title of a song and creating a shock factor moment in the chorus. I had the idea of “Love Me Back” for a while. When Kaylin and I sat down to write, I told her I wanted to write a song called Love Me Back, but I wanted to flip it. So, in the chorus, we say, I wish you didn’t love me back.”

“Love Me Back” written by Bri Fletcher and Kaylin Roberson

Fun Facts with Bri Fletcher

The easiest way to stump an artist in an interview is to ask them to share some fun facts about themselves. Of course, sometimes you end up with something different, but still great. For example, Fletcher said, “I am not as outgoing as people might expect. When I am in artist mode, I am at the top of my game. But my instinct in a crowded room is not to talk to people I don’t know. It’s something I am working on to get better.”

The Nashville music community is better with Bri Fletcher in it, and thankfully she decided to continue chasing her dreams in Music City. However, Fletcher has other interests as well. The singer/songwriter said, “Before I got married, I was a make-up artist for four years. I was doing well, and my business was growing. But, honestly, I had a moment when I wondered if I should give up music and do make-up full time. Now, I am glad I didn’t, but I do love make-up. Also, since I’ve been in Nashville and bought a house, I love interior design. So, I could enjoy doing that too.”

My Thoughts

Bri Fletcher has made the most of her time in Music City. Her vocals, melodies, and lyrics demand attention in a city filled with many others chasing the same dream. But, Fletcher is finding a way to stand out from everyone else. Undiscovered Nashville will be watching and cheering Bri on as she continues her rise in the Nashville music community, and we hope you will too.

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