Sarahbeth Taite Releases “Long Way” After It Gains TikTok Popularity

Sarahbeth Taite impresses once again with her latest single, “Long Way.” The singer-songwriter caught the attention of Undiscovered Nashville earlier this year with her single, “Thick Skin.” However, Sarahbeth gained the support of TikTok, which is why “Long Way” was released. Taite is bringing 90s country feel to the country music scene today. At twenty-two years old, Sarahbeth Taite probably feels like a veteran in the industry since she began making trips to Nashville as a teenager. She is an artist to watch, in my opinion. We were able to catch up with the Ft. Collins, Colorado native, to learn more about her journey as a songwriter. 

Sarahbeth Taite and her Journey to Nashville

Sarahbeth Taite’s journey to Nashville began at an early age with a love of classic country music. You can hear that influence in her music, and I wondered where that sound came from, and her wanting to be a songwriter. Taite said, “It came from being a true fan of country music fan. So, I love Reba and Dolly Parton. I think becoming such a fan of watching them, and I had gotten to an age when I realized they do this as a job. They wrote songs and sang country music and made a life our of it. I found out that it happened in Nashville. I had such a love for country music itself, and I saw a spot where there wasn’t that influence in country music.”

Sarahbeth Taite made her first trip to Nashville when she was fourteen, but it would not be her last. Taite’s would make some connections on her first trip to Music City that would open doors for her. The singer-songwriter said, “On my first trip to town, I had signed up for an NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) song conference. This where I met my first publisher. I remember it was two days where you are learning and in the presence of industry professionals. On the flight home, I thought I don’t want to be on this plane. I just wanted to be in Nashville and see how far I can go with this.”

You can imagine how much Taite has grown as a person and a songwriter since that first trip to Nashville. The singer-songwriter said, “When I look back after everything I have learned and all that I have been through, at twenty-two, I have been in the music industry for eight years. I look back at who I was at fourteen, and she didn’t even know what she was getting into. Every co-writer, publisher, and manager I have worked with along the way helped me develop this love for Nashville, the people here, and the songs.”

Sarahbeth Reflecting on her time in Nashville.

Developing the Potential of a Songwriter

I am always curious about what people remember about the first song they wrote. Some remember it well, and some would like to forget it. Taite said, “The first real song I attempted wasn’t until I was eleven or twelve when I got my first guitar. I had played piano since I was little, but it wasn’t until I started playing guitar that I started putting melodies together. When I made my first trip to Nashville, I had only written a few songs. I think that the first publisher just saw potential because I am not sure those songs were any good.” 

Writing about songwriters, I sometimes get asked for advice on how to improve or develop your skills as a writer. I agree with Sarahbeth’s advice. Taite said, “Studying other songs and the structure is a good way to learn. Why was a song a hit? Look at songs you love to see how they get to their hook or build their verses. Also, working with co-writers and being in the room with others, watching how they do things, help you become a better writer.”

Sarahbeth Taite has Embraced Releasing Music in 2020

Sarahbeth Taite embraced releasing music in 2020, and I, for one, am thankful that she did. Taite has impressed with “Thick Skin” and “Happy Hour. “Thick Skin” was released in February, and July brought us “Happy Hour.” “Thick Skin” walks us through the ups and downs of life but reminds us that it makes us tough. Traditional country enthusiasts should love Sarahbeth Taite’s sound. This song could have easily been on the radio in the 90s, but it still fits today’s country music landscape. 

“Happy Hour,” tells a story in which we can all relate. Your friends think they are helping you get over heartbreak by dragging you out. However, the whole time you want to be anywhere else because everything reminds you of an ex. Taite said, “Happy Hour was a fun song that always stuck with me. Some songs you write never see the light of day, while others keep raising their hand, and you can’t get them off your mind. It was fun to see it come to life.”

Cover art for Sarahbeth Taite's new single, "Long Way"
“Long Way” cover art

Sarahbeth Taite Releases “Long Way” on September 25th

Lately, TikTok has been a platform artist are using to introduce songs. Taite said, “Tiktok is the reason this song is coming out. When I posted “Long Way,” I had just started my profile and didn’t have many followers. Now, across my videos of this one song, there have have been over four million views. One video alone has over a million views. For an independent artist, it’s been fun to reach these new fans and connect with them.” 

Sarahbeth Taite co-wrote “Long Way” with Brent Anderson, Tammi Kidd Hutton, and Ben Phillips. Taite explains, “We wrote this song about the experiences we’ve all had after a break-up. To me, it was girl’s response to the midnight “miss you, come over” songs. After reading the comments and messages from women who relate, I knew we needed to put this song out in the world. My hope is these lyrics can help somebody with heartbreak and remind them of their strength as they move forward.”

Check out the video for “Long Way” here

Fun Facts with Sarahbeth

While July gave us “Happy Hour,” Sarahbeth Taite also had some significant life changes. Taite said, “I got engaged and got a puppy within the same three days.” While from Colorado, Taite is far from stereotypical. Sarahbeth said, “Even though I am from Colorado, I don’t ski or snowboard. I didn’t like it.” The singer-songwriter has also jumped on the TikTok train. Taite said, “I wanted to be on TikTok, but I can’t dance. So, it’s strictly me singing and posting unreleased demos. I had 16,000 followers after the first month.” Taite recently crossed 100,000 followers on TikTok.

To keep updated with everything Sarahbeth Taite, follow her on social media. Listen to her music on Apple Music or Spotify. We hope you enjoyed reading about Sarahbeth Taite as much as we enjoyed bringing you the story.

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