Right Place Now is Hudson Valley’s New Single

“Right Place Now” is Hudson Valley’s follow-up single to their debut EP, Seven. “Right Place Now,” will be released on July 17th, and is currently open for pre-save. We are thankful to have gotten to listen to the new song before it’s available to the public. You are going to want to download this one. Add it to your playlist! It is a jam.

“Right Place Now”

After their EP last year, which contained seven amazing songs, I wasn’t sure how they could improve on that effort. However, “Right Place Now” did just that! An uptempo jam to get us through the rest of the summer. Sarah Owens’ vocal talent is undeniable. The melody and rhythm will have you tapping your feet and bobbing your head.  

While you will be grooving to this jam, the lyrics are relatable. When I listen to a song, I ask, do the words speak to me? “Right Place Now” tells a story of someone who has been through a lot of wrong relationships. However, when you find the right one, you know you are where you are supposed to be. Everyone has been there, and some still may be searching for the right place and the right person. Keep looking, because they are out there. Undiscovered Nashville may be as excited as Hudson Valley is for you to hear this song. 

Hudson Valley releases Right Place Now, Photo of the band
From L-R: Andrew Kosek, Matt Farinelli, Sarah Owens, Richie Owens

About Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley is named for the Hudson River Valley in New York. When Sarah Owens, the lead singer, tells people she is from New York, many assume New York City. However, the Hudson Valley region of New York State follows the Hudson River from between Albany and West Chester County. It is a beautiful area known for apple orchards; in fact, the Hudson Valley is the home of Angry Orchard Hard Cider. 

The lead singer said, “My biggest musical influences are Martina McBride, Faith Hill, and Trisha Yearwood.” She described these ladies as the “BIG” voices of female 90’s country. Sarah has a powerful voice in her own right. She believes her voice “is the way it is, from years of “desperately trying to sing like those ladies.

As for the boys of Hudson Valley: Richie Owens on the drums, Matt Farinelli on guitar, and Andrew Kosek on bass, they are heavily influenced by rock music and old school country. Sarah thinks, “People will immediately get that vibe when they hear our music.”

To learn more about Hudson Valley, click here to read our feature article on the band from last summer. Listen to Hudson Valley on Apple Music or Spotify.

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