Maggie Baugh is All About the Music

If you ever talk to her, you will learn quickly; Maggie Baugh is all about the music. Maggie is an energetic entertainer and is as musically talented as anyone I have ever seen. The first time I saw Maggie Baugh perform was during CMA Week 2019. She began her set with an incredible fiddle solo while jamming with her band. Maggie’s performance had me hooked from the beginning. I hope you will enjoy her story as much as I enjoyed the interview.

Maggie’s Musical Beginning

Maggie Baugh’s musical journey began growing up in the West Palm Beach/Boca Raton area of South Florida. The singer/songwriter began playing the violin at six years old. Maggie was classically trained on the violin using the Suzuki Method. She also was taught music theory.

During middle school, Baugh attended an “arts” school, where she participated in the orchestra. As a 7th Grader, Maggie played at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Maggie said, “At the time, I didn’t realize how big of a deal this was.” She continued, “I was a string nerd. I wanted to go to The Julliard School, and believed I was destined to play classical music.”

Maggie’s middle school experience was not always pleasant. The singer/songwriter said, “In middle school, the dancers bullied me, so I began writing my feelings down. I didn’t want to do something I would regret, so I started writing music.” However, Maggie realizes going through that experience made better. She said, “I wouldn’t be the artist I am today if that never happens to me. I am not sure I would even be an artist. Music saved me.” These experiences are why Maggie Baugh is all about the music.

Classical to Country and Maggie’s Inspiration

Some may wonder how someone goes from playing Mozart and Beethoven to playing country music? Maggie said, “My dad is from West Texas, so country music fell into my lap.” She learned to play guitar at twelve years old to help her write music. The guitar also gave her an instrument that she could play and sing. Maggie is an incredible guitar player who can play lead and rhythm. The singer/songwriter also plays the mandolin and the piano.

People always ask what inspired you or who inspired you to start singing. For Maggie, that is incredibly personal. Maggie said, “I started singing for me because I wanted to save myself. Nobody else inspired me.” She continued, “I fell in love with singing and performing. I told myself that I didn’t want anyone else feeling like I did when I was in that darkness during middle school.”

It is apparent when you are at one of Maggie’s shows that she loves her fans. Her middle school experience has formed a basis for how she interacts with others. She said, “It is why I am so close to my fans, really its why I am so close with everyone. Music saved me, and I want everyone to know there is something out there that can save them.”

Maggie Baugh is playing a Fiddle Solo on stage at Live Oak in Nashville
Maggie Baugh performs during CMA week for Women Crush It Wednesday

A Seasoned Performer

Maggie Baugh is all about the music, but she also is a seasoned performer at nineteen years old. Since leaving middle school, Maggie said, “I have been singing, performing, writing, and putting miles on the road.” The singer/songwriter opted to attend high school full time, but she spent her summers in Nashville writing songs. The weekends were for playing shows. The singer/songwriter said, “I missed some school touring, but my principal was supportive. As long as I kept my grades up, they excused my absences.” As people made comments about her missing school, she proved them wrong. She said, “I took Advanced Placement classes my senior year and earned straight A’s.”

Many teenage performers choose to complete high school online. However, Maggie said, “If I had chosen to take online classes to pursue music, I would have missed experiences that give you something to write songs about.”

Maggie loves touring and playing for as many people as she can, but lately, she has played more writer’s rounds in Nashville. She has built a following outside of Nashville, but playing rounds in Nashville is helping her get attention in town. Maggie said, “Playing rounds is a different mindset for me. You want to entertain, but how much?” Maggie’s full band shows are high energy, and you can see how much she loves performing. However, in a writer’s round, Maggie’s personality is much more on display due to the talking to set up songs.

Maggie’s Songwriting

It is fascinating to learn what inspires the songs that get written in Nashville. The singer/songwriter said, ” At first, I wrote about my pain. Now, I write about things real for my age, such as songs about boys and being on the road. There is no point for me to write songs about drinking because I am not old enough to drink.”

Sometimes songs begin with a title or an idea. Other times, songwriters write lyrics and then find a melody. For Maggie, “Ninety percent of the time, a melody comes to me first.” Of course, Nashville is a collaborative town when it comes to songwriting. Maggie said, “I love co-writing. I can bring lyrics or melodies to my co-writers, and they can have a different twist that you didn’t consider.”

Maggie’s latest single “Fire Me Up” was co-written with Mikei Gray, Steve Lester, and Michael August. It is a high energy, up tempo song about a girl being excited by a boy. “Fire Me Up” is an absolute jam. Go download or stream it today. My favorite part of her performance of this single, is her guitar solo.

What motivates Maggie to keep chasing her dreams?

My biggest takeaway from my interview with Maggie is that she self-motivated. Like others, Maggie has faced challenges and setbacks since coming to Nashville. The singer/songwriter said, “The biggest challenge for me has been finding people I can trust. Music saved my life, and my passion for the music motivates me to keep going.”

Photo  of Maggie Baugh
Maggie Baugh

For the Fans

Maggie’s fans know her music and her ability to perform. However, there are things about the singer/songwriter they may not know. She jokingly said, “I haven’t always been this cool.” Maggie continued, “I am super nerdy, and I read a lot of fiction books. It’s fascinating to me how someone can tell a story in such detail.”

The singer/songwriter has no immediate plans to release any new music, but she is writing and performing new songs. If you want to hear them, I guess you will have to see her live. Maggie doesn’t focus on what she has or does not have. She said, “I want to play music. I want to tour and play for as many people as I can. It is important to me for people to know they are not alone in any circumstance.”

Maggie Baugh is all about the music and believes “the fans will get me where I want to be.”

You can follow Maggie on Instragram: @maggie_baugh

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