Ashley Taylor to Release Debut EP, “Bakersfield” on January 18th

Ashley Taylor is a singer/songwriter working to make it in Nashville, after leaving her hometown of Bakersfield, California. Many people over the years have sacrificed a lot to chase their dreams in Music City. Ashley is not any different, as she has faced setbacks and rejections in her time in Nashville. Upon her arrival, she was amazed at the music scene in Nashville, of which she said, “It was more than I ever could imagine.” She has faced the obstacles on her journey with the help of the amazing people she surrounds herself with and her faith in Jesus Christ.

It can be incredibly challenging to make it as an independent singer/songwriter in town. As a songwriter, having artists and publishers pass on your songs can make you doubt yourself. The cost of recording can be too much for many, but Ashley has persevered. She has pushed through these obstacles and has no regrets about her journey, while the lessons she has learned from the rejections have made her a better songwriter and artist.

EP release party @ Belcourt Taps

On January 18, 2019, Ashley Taylor will release her debut EP titled “Bakersfield.” Ashley’s EP, which has been two years in the making, features songs that were personal to her as well as some light-hearted fun songs. The title track tells the story of her hometown. Bakersfield has a place in the history of country music, as it was the home of the “Bakersfield Sound.” One of my favorites on the album is “Cake” This song comes across light-hearted but came from a place of disappointment. “Dad to Me” was written about Ashley’s stepfather, it is a tribute to a man, who in her words is the “best man I have ever known.” Another favorite on the album is “Play like Ken,” a song that came from a strange compliment that “she was a pretty girl, but played guitar like a man.” It is uncommon to see women play lead guitar during a performance, but Ashley does. All in all, this is a well-rounded project, that I think everyone will enjoy.

“Bakersfield” will be available for download and streaming on all digital platforms upon its release. You can pre-order now on iTunes or save the EP on other streaming platforms before its release. I hope you will enjoy Ashley Taylor’s music as much as I do. Happy Listening!

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