An Incredible Week in Review

Over the past week, I have been witness to some incredible singer/songwriters at the various showcases of original music around Nashville. On Monday night March 11th, I went to Whiskey Jam at Winner’s Bar and Grill on Division Street. One of the highlights of the night for me was Jonathan Singleton, who has penned some huge hits such as: Watching Airplanes by Gary Allan, Don’t by Billy Currington, Red Light by David Nail, Why Don’t We Just Dance by Josh Turner, Let It Rain by David Nail, and A Guy Walks into a Bar by Tyler Farr. Whiskey Jam host, Ward Guenther played in honor of his wife’s birthday. The crowd went crazy for Nashville pop sensation, Charlotte Sands. I have seen Charlotte play three times now, and the energy she leaves after her set is impressive.
Thursday Night, I stopped by OMG! I’m a songwriter for their Kentucky Takeover full band night. It was a Kentucky takeover, but it wasn’t just the performers. Tin Roof was filled with Kentucky basketball fans in town for the SEC tournament but I was able to watch the Kentucky Gentleman, OMG host Mary Kutter, and Daniel Neihoff. The Kentucky Gentleman play with a lot of enthusiasm and great harmonies. They are gifted performers. Mary Kutter played some new music for the crowd, and she never disappoints. Mary will be featured in an upcoming article on Undiscovered Nashville, so be on the lookout for that post in the coming weeks. Daniel Neihoff didn’t need a band to energize the crowd at Tin Roof. He just released an EP titled Appalachian Cry on Saturday. It rose to the number 32 on the Itunes singer/songwriter charts. I know I was streaming it most of the day on Saturday though Tidal. Then I hopped over to Live Oak to see the Go Long Entertainment Takeover from 9-11 pm, which consisted of the powerhouse vocals of Juju Capogrossi, Gwen Levey, and Katy McKenzie. Will Rambeaux acompanied them on guitar and the fantastic Sherrie Austin was singing background vocals. The second round consisted of Will Rambeaux, Christina Taylor, and Sarah Owens of Hudson Valley. All these ladies were magnificent. They should consider putting together some rounds at the Listening Room because I definitely would have paid admission to see them. If you want to see another rendition of the Go Long Entertainment takeover, come to Tin Roof March 21st for OMG! I’m a songwriter.
On Friday night, I took a break from my work as an Uber driver to see Hudson Valley at The Sutler. They played an acoustic set, and it was incredible. Sarah Owens has such a powerful voice, and she was battling a cold. She was able to power through it. Hudson Valley will be releasing an EP in May. My Friday night ended, taking in the traditional sound of Kimberly Atwood. She is a refreshing change of pace in the city of bro-country. I recommend catching these talented folks the next time they are playing.
Sunday night, I made my way to Belcourt Taps for the Nashville Tour Stop hosted by the Dirt Road Degenerates. These guys are consistently putting together some fantastic rounds every Sunday night. This night was their Canadian Tuxedo Night featuring several Canadian songwriters like Kaleigh Jo Kirk, Mandy McMillan, Maddison Krebs, Liz Labelle, Alexis Taylor, Raihanna Estrada(through her husband), Michelle Pereira,
and Ryan Sorestad. The 9:00 feature was J4 Wandass, and it was my first time to see him play. He was terrific, and I look forward to seeing him play in the future.
To top it off, this past Monday, I went to Song Suffragettes and the 8:30 show at The Listening Room with Jamie O’Neal and Friends. The Song Suffragettes had some terrific writers this week. Lexi Lauren (still can’t believe she is only 17), Caroline Watkins, Kalie Shorr, Emma White, and Parker McKay. This show never disappoints and consistently features impressive songwriters. The 8:30 show was equally as good if not better. Jamie O’Neal’s friends of the night were Ava Suppelsa, Bailey Hefley, Hit writer Stephony Smith, and Joybeth Taylor ( she will be featured in a post soon). Stephony has cranked out a lot of hit songs over the years, including Tim and Faith’s smash hit “Its Your Love.” Ava and Joybeth are in high demand around town for co-writes. Ava’s songs have clever hooks and rhymes and near rhymes. Joybeth’s songs tell great stories and honestly one song cause me to tear thinking about the loss of my grandfather a few years ago.
Songwriters are the heart and soul of the Nashville music scene. Any given night, you might see legends playing in a round or newcomers, but they all could play a song that speaks to your heart and your soul. That is why I love music so much. It connects us all who have experienced similar things in our lives. Music can be the bridge in a divided world.

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