A Sunday Night in Printer’s Alley

This past Sunday night, I diverted from my normal Sunday night routine of going to the Nashville Tour Stop at Belcourt Taps because there was not a seat to be found. I went to the Nash Up 615 writer’s night hosted by the talented Ajaye Jardine at Alley Taps. This writer’s night is some what new on the scene, but Alley Taps is no stranger to songwriters. I made it for the last two rounds and they were fantastic.

The 8 pm round consisted of Adam McDonough, Megan Barker, Callie McCullough, and Ajaye Jardine. Adam McDonough has a voice that was a different for Nashville and some terrific guitar skills. Megan Barker was amazing as always. Megan is one of my favorite people in town. A talented songwriter and performer, who you can catch every Wednesday night as the host of Jammin in Jammies at NashHouse. Callie McCullough is somewhat of a rebel in the Bro Country dominated industry in Nashville. She holds true to a traditional sound, which I find refreshing in a town in which music can sound the same. Ajaye Jardine finished out this round. Ajaye is a talented singer/songwriter, but she is also an amazing person. She had also become one of my favorite writer’s in town.

The last round consisted of Amanda Cooksey, TJ Stewart, Southern Justis, and Dean James. I should apologize to this talented group, because I was exhausted and zoned out a couple of times. Amanda has a unique quality to her voice, and it draws you in. I look forward to seeing her play again. TJ Stewart played a song he wrote for his wedding. He said he doesn’t write love songs, but of all the songs he played, that is the one I liked the most. Southern Justis filled in at the last minute, and they were a real treat. Dean James impressed with his original tunes as well.

As for the venue, Alley Taps is an intimate space for watching for watching music. They had a great beer selection, but I cannot comment on the food. I will try something from the kitchen the next time I go to Alley Taps. The only downside to anything downtown is having to pay to park if you cannot find a metered spot. Typically, I will park at the library and walk, but last night was brutally cold for a Tennessean so I opted to pay more at a closer lot.

NashUp 615 has moved to Tuesday nights. So if you are looking for some original music downtown on a Tuesday night, check out the Nash Up 615 rounds at Alley Taps in Printer’s Alley.

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