Lyrics are the Soul of the Song

In the months before the launch of this blog, I had spent a lot of time going to different writer’s nights around Nashville. I have been to the Bridge Bar, the Listening Room, Jammin in Jammies at Frisky Frogs, Chasin Melodies and the Overall Attraction at Dawghouse Saloon, The Nashville Tour Stop at Belcourt Taps, and OMG! I’m a songwriter at Tin Roof Demonbreun. I have also been to Buscall and Whiskey Jam as well.

Many of these rounds happen on the same night, so it can be a difficult choice as to where you go. Many times it is going to depend on the lineup and if I know anyone playing that night. One of my favorites on Thursday nights has become OMG! I’m a songwriter hosted by Mary Kutter. Every week, they continue to have amazing talent. Mary is a terrific host, and on some nights she will play herself. However, regardless of where you choose to go, you will find talented songwriters.

Writer’s rounds show the purity of the song. It is just a guitar or keyboard and a singer. Many times with a full band , the lyrics can get lost. The lyrics are the soul of the song and is ultimately what speaks to people. It is what makes music so impactful on people’s lives. If you spend your time on Broadway in the honky tonks listening to cover songs, try something new and go to a writer’s night. It is there you will discover the next great singer/songwriters.

If you would like more recommendations or you have suggestions on other writer’s nights I need to experience, please contact me.


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  1. I enjoyed reading this. I have been to a couple places you mentioned. Keep it up as I will enjoy following it. Make sure and put on FB when you add a post with the website. Makes it easier on us old farts.

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