Nashville Tour Stop @ Belcourt Taps on Sunday nights

Songwriting legends and rising talent is what I found on a trip to Nashville Tour Stop at Belcourt Taps on Sunday night. Nashville Tour Stop is hosted by the Dirt Road Degenerates, which is made up of Aaron Schilb and Chris DeLisle. This is one of the few writer’s nights on Sunday nights. The venue is small and on a busy night can be standing room only. So my advice is to get there early to grab a seat on Sunday. However, Belcourt Taps is a terrific, intimate venue featuring good food, friendly service, and a good craft beer selection.

Unfortunately, I arrived at the end of the second round. My apologies to J4 Wandass and Hannah Grace for missing your perfomance. I arrived in time to catch the last two songs of Craig and Jane Lackey, as well as Ken and Jeannie Veltz. They were terrific. The next round featured two lovely ladies, Jan Buckingham and Pam Belford. These two ladies didn’t disappoint, playing everything to some funny Christmas tunes to an amazing song that George Strait turned into a hit a few years ago. In addition, the night’s host Aaron and Chris took to the stage to show off their own talent. This my second time having the opportunity to hear these guys play. Their harmonies are great and they are very talented on the guitar as well. Chris DeLisle played some beautiful guitar accompanying everyone during this round. The 9:00 pm round was highlighted by Paul Ivy, Jennifer Rae, and Russ Lacasse. They were all terrific. The 10:00 pm round featured a solo performance by the talented Christiana Zollner. If you have never seen her play, you are missing out. She is proof that Nashville is more than country. The last round did not disappoint at all. It featured Chris Perrine, Tyler Bank, and Bennett Burnside. These three guys had some great songs, and I look forward to hearing them again soon.

So, if you are looking for good spot to hear some good music on Sunday nights, stop by the Belcourt Taps starting at 6 pm. Don’t hesitate to say hello to the Dirt Road Degenerates. If I am there, I will gladly share a table with you. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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